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The old man "theft surrender": daughter married feeling was left out of the awkward – in an online news, according to Bengbu news network reported, police comrades, I stole the money, you caught me up!" In late August 28th 7, a gray haired old man hurried to the Bengbunan Railway Station square is high-speed police on duty, took hold of his arm and said. "When I heard the old man say so, I immediately took him back to the duty room to understand the situation." High speed rail Bengbunan Railway Station police station passenger three brigade Deputy captain Wang Di said, the old man asked that Gongmou is 73 years old this year, Hubei wuhan. According to him, he stole other red envelopes in Wanda Royal Hotel on the same day, there are more than 2000 yuan, but then asked his brother Wang theft process, Gongmou has always hesitated, the detail is not clear. Brother Wang observed Gongmou performance think there must be something wrong with the hotel, immediately after contact, to understand the truth. The original wedding in the hotel is Gongmou daughter, he "stole" red is the daughter to. Why Gongmou said they stole red envelopes? Originally, in the wedding, the guests too much, my daughter was busy greeting guests, neglect the gongmou. Gongmou feel neglected, they Naoqi emotions, plan a "runaway". "I’m going back to Wuhan for the family to worry about. To the train station, only to find that I do not have ID card, can not buy train tickets." Gongmou thought, thought of Baojia, so you can let your family to find their own. After that, Wang Di cry. Brother Wang quickly to contact his family, Gongmou brought back to the wedding. See the old man’s daughter safe and sound Gongmou, said Wang Di gratefully: "people anxious to go home, sister is waiting for him to attend the wedding ceremony, thank the police comrades to help us find our father!" (Zhao Lu He Pei)相关的主题文章: