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Satellite-TV Many areas of the United Kingdom have already been switched over to the digital signal and by 2012 everyone will have to have in place means to watch digital TV. There are numerous options to choose from to watch digital TV, some of them requiring a monthly subscription and others which are free to watch. Here we look at the most popular options for digital TV aerial installation. The most popular forms of digital TV include: Freeview in the form of standard, HD or HD Plus; Sky Digital with the same options as above for set top boxes; Freesat, again with the same choices. Freeview And A Digital Aerial One of the most popular of ways to tune in to digital TV is with Freeview. Freeview is available either by purchasing a set top box or a TV with Freeview built in. Almost all new TVs .e with Freeview built in, however if you have an older set you may have to purchase a set top box. Set top boxes range in price. As the name suggests this form of digital TV is free to watch. When watching through Freeview your aerial is important and it must be capable of getting a digital signal. If your current aerial is not then you can upgrade with a new TV aerial installation that will provide you with digital TV through your Freeview box. In areas suffering from poor reception your aerial installer may suggest you have one of the high gain aerials installed to help provide you with better picture quality. With Freeview you can get up to as many as 50 channels and even watch high definition channels. Freesat TV Aerials There are other types of aerial for watching TV, typically called Satellite dishes. A popular choice due to the fact that it is free to watch is Freesat TV aerial installation. Freesat will provide digital TV of up to 150 channels with no monthly outlay for a subscription. You will get digital TV through a satellite dish as opposed to an aerial installed on the roof of your property. Sky Digital TV aerials Sky Digital TV aerial installation is another form of digital TV that relies on a satellite dish to provide you with numerous channels from your chosen package. Residents can choose how much they wish to pay each month for subscription and there are different types of set top boxes to choose from, this will range from the very basic to the set top box that allows you to record and watch a different channel at the same time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: