Ouhai old man riding round to Xinjiang round youth dream came back yesterday-homefront

Old Ouhai miles riding to Xinjiang youth dream round yesterday return Ying solo heroes return, ride from Yongjia to accompany friends riding to Ouhai after 100 days of riding, Ouhai Mr. Lin Zhouqiang yesterday afternoon I arrived in Dong’ou bridge, and successfully returned to Wenzhou city. Yesterday afternoon, Ouhai outdoor sports association held a ceremony to welcome the ride back Lin Zhouqiang old Dong’ou bridge in Yongjia, many members of the public bicycle riding, and Lin together to ride from Yongjia to Ouhai. In June 13th this year, Lin man rode his bicycle from Wenzhou to Shanghai, along the 312 National Road all the way westbound to Xinjiang (this newspaper has reported). Lin Zhouqiang old man after 80 days of wind and rain, sweat, through 10 provinces and cities, riding 5786 kilometers, arrived at the west end of the Huoerguosi port, completed his fourth super long distance ride, riding back and forth the total mileage of nearly 7000 kilometers. It was the longest, longest and hardest ride. At 12 noon on September 21st, the 66 year old old man, Ouhai, arrived in LianYunGang East Railway Station by bike, the thirteenth day of his new journey from Xi’an after the end of Xinjiang’s goal. The theme of the ride was "crossing the Eurasian Continental Bridge in China", one is the Alashankou pass in Xinjiang, the other is Jiangsu, Lianyungang, and the line that he has ridden from Xinjiang to Xi’an has been removed from the second mountains. In September 9th, he took the train from Urumqi to Xi’an, opened the Longhai line from Xi’an to Lianyungang this section of the west to East through the line, a total of 1084 kilometers, successfully completed this new journey. Previously, he experienced 3 long-distance riding, the first ride from Zunyi to Wenzhou, the second is riding Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Guizhou, the third is riding a round-trip Beijing, head office of 20 thousand kilometers. After returning, he showed greater riding ideals, plans to ride to Tibet, ride to the northernmost Mohe County, but also want to cycling in the motherland island Taiwan circle. Lin Zhouqiang, 66 years old, Mi Sawamasahito, is currently vice president of Ouhai outdoor sports association, is also a mountain climber, photography enthusiasts, also worked as a mechanic, a technical director.

瓯海老人万里骑行去新疆圆青年梦 昨日归来 迎单骑大侠归来,骑友一路从永嘉陪骑到瓯海经过整整100天的骑行,瓯海林周强先生昨天下午抵达我市东瓯大桥,并顺利回到了温州市区。昨天下午,瓯海户外运动协会举行仪式,在东瓯大桥永嘉段迎接骑车回来的林周强老人,众多会员骑着公共自行车,与林老伯一起从永嘉骑到瓯海。今年6月13日,林老伯骑自行车从温州出发到上海,沿着312国道一路西行到新疆(本报曾作报道)。林周强老人历经80天风雨、血汗,穿越10个省市,骑行5786公里,抵达祖国西端的霍尔果斯口岸,完成了他的第四次超长途骑行,来回骑行总里程近7000公里。这是他骑行时间最长、路途最长、最为艰难的一次。9月21日中午12点,瓯海66岁的老林伯骑车抵达连云港东站,这是他从新疆目标终点结束后,从西安开启新征程的第13天。他给此次骑行定的主题是“贯穿亚欧第二大陆桥中国段”,一头是新疆的阿拉山山口,一头是江苏的连云港,除掉从新疆到西安的这一段他已经骑过的线路。9月9日,他坐火车从乌鲁木齐到西安,开启了沿陇海线从西安到连云港的这段西~东贯穿之行,共1084公里,圆满完成这段新征程。此前,他经历过3次长途骑行,第一次从遵义骑到温州,第二次是骑行浙、闽、粤、琼、桂、黔,第三次是骑行北京一个来回,总行程达2万公里。回来后,他道出了更大的骑行理想,计划骑到西藏去、骑到最北漠河去,还想在祖国宝岛台湾骑车打个圈。林周强66岁,瓯海泽雅人,现任瓯海户外运动协会副会长,也是一名登山爱好者、摄影爱好者,还做过机械、当过技术总监。相关的主题文章: