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To take the action drama of "startled sky" and Nicholas Tse to rely on cooking to ease the pressure — the Shandong channel — the original title of the people’s website: take the action drama of "startled sky", and Nicholas Tse rely on cooking to decompress in the startled days, Nicholas Tse continues the "Dali San Lang" style. The movie startled by Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau will be released in October 21st. In recent years, Nicholas Tse has been transformed into "life gourmet" Nicholas Tse by "Twelve front flavor". In recent years, I didn’t expect to play the role of "desperately". This time, he was startled to break the sky, and he was also a jumper and a car crash, the whole process of high energy performance. Nicholas Tse worked very well in his work, and he was famous for "desperate three francs", and Nicholas Tse said, "it seems that I can’t buy insurance all the time." In the "panic day break" as a heavy case team to supervise the Ma Jin, almost wrapped in the action of the film. Director Wu Pinru said that Nicholas Tse shot from the movie like Superman what all not afraid, jumping crash risk program and high quality complete personal battle. Rather than acting, he is with Sean Lau wits inside play more test Nicholas Tse acting, emotional interaction between Mavis Fan and Liyan Tong, the two actresses. In the trailer released by the film side, Nicholas Tse appeared when he questioned Sean Lau when he wanted to collapse. He glared at his eyes full of red blood and interpreted a policeman who was pushed by reality to despair. In the play, "Chef Xie" does not forget to show cooking. According to the crew’s exposure, there was a hot pot opera in the movie. Nicholas Tse carefully selected ingredients before filming. He saw the food boiled into the pot before he was put into the film. He said: "I love to cook something to eat, so usually cook for the crew to nutrition, cooking is my way to relieve stress." (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin) 包揽《惊天破》动作戏 谢霆锋靠做菜减压–山东频道–人民网 原标题:包揽《惊天破》动作戏 谢霆锋靠做菜减压 在《惊天破》中,谢霆锋延续“拼命三郎”的风格。 谢霆锋和刘青云主演的电影《惊天破》将于10月21日上映,近年凭借《十二道锋味》慢慢“转型”成“生活美食家”的谢霆锋,没想到演起戏来依然不改“拼命三郎”本性。这次他出演《惊天破》,又是跳楼又是撞车,全程高能表现。 谢霆锋工作时极其敬业,向来以“拼命三郎”著称,谢霆锋也说:“好像一直以来我的戏都是买不了保险的。”此次在《惊天破》中饰演重案组督查马进的他,几乎包揽电影的动作戏。导演吴品儒表示,谢霆锋拍起戏来好像超人一样什么都不怕,跳楼撞车等危险戏码都亲身上阵且高质量完成。 比起动作戏,更考验谢霆锋演技的是他跟刘青云斗智斗勇的内心戏,以及和佟丽娅、范晓萱两位女演员之间的情感互动。片方此前曝光的预告片中出现了谢霆锋质问刘青云时几欲崩溃的片段,他瞪着布满红血丝的双眼,将一个被现实推向绝望边缘的警察诠释得淋漓尽致。 在剧组拍戏间隙,“谢大厨”也不忘秀厨艺。据剧组人员曝料,电影中有场火锅戏,谢霆锋在拍摄前便认真地挑选食材,亲眼看到食物煮进锅里后才投入拍摄。他说:“我喜欢煮东西吃,所以平时会做菜给剧组成员补充营养,做菜就是我舒解压力的方式。” (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: