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No place in the castle – Sigiriya Lion Rock challenge Sohu travel spectrum author Du Dong Du winter @ black Andre, a freelance writer and freelance translator, journalist. 2011 settled in Lhasa, in possession of a large study of Tibet history and religion, at the same time wandering Tibetan and abroad, published "love letter", "Tibet Kangba taste" and other works of many translations, Phoenix Group, France Cointreau, UNESCO and the "Lonely Planet" writing or translation. What king will choose in a rise of nearly 100 meters, almost no climbing boulders built on their own castle, dangerous and would rather endure not stop wind whistling and stroke? We arrived at Sigiriya on a hot afternoon, the huge rock mass at the center of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya (Sigiriya Lion Rock). By Christine Willis the twilight of the Sigiriya belongs to the dead, the monkey and the ant, and the twilight violently distorts everything that we should not enter. On the second day, we paid $30 for the tickets and started climbing during the day. The by Maik Irmscher site on the top of the boundless stone buildings, like Athens Acropolis, but what king will choose in a rise of nearly 100 meters, almost no climbing boulders built on their own castle, and would rather endure not stop wind whistling and stroke risk? By Deepa Janakiraman Sigiriya the most wonderful place is still at the entrance of the palace of a huge lion claw, after the lion’s paws, but no way, only close to the rock climbing or falling. This pair of jaws gives the Assyrian or Babylon power and the sinister, Sigiriya as the function of the castle and the dignity it wants to express, through the perfect combination of the remaining lion claws. Violence!" The crumbling I suddenly got a phrase: "Sigiriya is condensed into rock shaped violence or terror!" "Everything is violence!" Anthropology of F immediately refuted. In this rough crystal violence, there is a cove, there are some fairy maids or murals, these are the fifth Century day long hair Zanhua, bare chested, bare high up the beautiful breast, a round belly, wonderful eye teaser. By gepiblu from the five or six century AD (the China and Sui and Tang Dynasties), there are Sri Lanka and womanizer fear danger, lover, climb up the hundred foot cliffs, to see their smile sieboldii and delicious ketone, leaving many or more love or loose poetry in the vicinity of the rock, and some even is the Yellow minor sperm on the brain. It is said that man is in danger, but can feel more love and beauty, but after several centuries, the ancients in the cliffs of artificial hormones and adrenaline have become indifferent to the sorrow. Nazly Ahmed another year, I was able to have in Lhasa相关的主题文章:

Domestic mobile phone market to reshuffle the feelings of the Internet brand trap survival crisis-isobuster

Domestic mobile phone market to reshuffle the feelings of the Internet brand trap survival crisis Wang Yang told the Securities Daily reporters, this year’s trend is the king of the line. This year is to earn money to make a loss, loss of loss. OPPO, vivo, HUAWEI and Jin, the four fastest growing business. OPPO net profit this year will be more than 10 billion yuan." Reporter Ma Yan has been known to feelings and has a group of fans of Luo Yonghao, in reality does not make money, have to stand up and respond to repeatedly exposed takeover rumors. Hammer technology is acquisition rumors intensified, from Ali, LETV millet, rumors of the hammer seem to escape the takeover of fate. But Technology Wang Yang, director of the Research Institute IHS China told the Securities Daily reporters, according to his knowledge, millet will not buy hammer technology. As for other acquirers, Wang Yang also think there will be no loss of business to be." Hammer losses were repeatedly transferred to the acquisition of the Internet brand to make money recently, a hammer on the phone in the first half of 2016, the news was exposed, causing concern. By the China Commission before the date of disclosure of Chengdu nibilu Polytron Technologies Inc prospectus exposure pointed out: the first half of 2016 the hammer technology loss of 192 million yuan, in 2015 the annual loss of 462 million yuan, a total loss of nearly 650 million years. Nibilu Polytron Technologies Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chengdu Baotuan Venture Investment Company Limited in June 2015 to invest 30 million yuan hammer hammer technology holds 1.13% stake in science and technology, a year later, the interests of the owner of the corresponding Holdings has only 2371 yuan, less than 1/10000 of the cost of investment. The hammer mobile phone recently in a bad way before the two generation products of poor performance, the new product has not been listed, the prospect of a hammer encounter outside mouthing, takeover rumors can be heard without end. The hammer was also recently millet will buy a hammer mobile phone "rumors scraper, news industry caused a burst sigh. Although Luo Yonghao himself Bo said such remarks are rumors, and said hammer T3 flagship will be released in the near future, but it can not eliminate the outside world for the hammer outlook concerns. IHS Technology research director Wang Yang said in Chinese and "Securities Daily" reporters exchanges, according to his knowledge, "millet no interest on the hammer for music, it’s possible, but do not know what to buy." Wang Yang told reporters that it is difficult to make money on the Internet mobile phone brand, not a few money, are dead carrying." The rapid collapse of small companies to consolidate the status of the status quo hammer phone reflects the recent situation of the majority of small and medium domestic mobile phone brands. Domestic smart phone brands are ushered in a wave of closures". The collapse of the big Cola phone finally failed to stop, and then came the news of the mobile phone manufacturers on the verge of collapse INUI. Insiders said that in the increasingly competitive Chinese Android smartphone market, smaller companies are at an alarming rate of collapse. At the same time, the industry leading companies in the rapid growth. According to Wang Yang told the Securities Daily reporters, this year’s trend.相关的主题文章:

Be moved! Zhengzhou, a female teacher preparing lessons both children sleeping in the back seat of t-solid converter

Be moved! Zhengzhou, a female teacher preparing lessons both children sleeping in the back seat of the car in the back of the car sleeping. September 26, 2016 is an ordinary Monday, xixilili rain let people feel some coolness. However, starting from noon, on the network a sleeping in the back seat of the child but let many people feel sad and moving, you are moved to this picture? [scene] the car has two sleeping child photos, a car trunk open, there are two. Children, covered with a small quilt, stood beside their shoes. Reporters learned that the photo is Li Jinfeng, Zhengzhou District 27 Huaihe Road Primary School Branch secretary. According to her, today is Monday, taking into account the fear of traffic jam, she has come to school at 7:20 in the morning, when the right channel to see a car parked in the school door, the trunk is open. A closer look, only to find that the two sleeping children. So, she used the phone to freeze this moment. [search] was busy preparing lessons to attend to the child the child in the picture is who? Why do they sleep here? The reporter contacted the mother of Zhu Haimiao, she is Huaihe Road Primary School District 27 one of the first grade teacher and Chinese teacher. It turned out that Zhu Haimiao teacher home from school is far away, usually go to school at 6:40. But because the day is Monday, plus she has to prepare the latest content of the teaching and research group seminars, she started 10 minutes from home. Of course, when you start, you have to bring two children: a 8 year old, a child of the age of, has been in elementary school and kindergarten. Previously, Zhu Haimiao do not have to take advantage of this, because although the lover in the field of work, but sometimes her parents can help. But recently, her parents are not very good, but under, Zhu Haimiao can only let the children get up early, with her departure. When they arrived at school about 7, the two children are still full of meaning. But because of the latest rush to modify the contents of the seminar, she can only put down the back seat of the car, let the two children to make up a sleep. Not afraid of children wake up crying?." Zhu Haimiao told reporters, in the school is very safe. In addition, the location of the car to stop, the doorman can just see, by the way can help take care of it. [sound] teachers also need to understand the identity and perhaps in the eyes of many people, let the children sleep in the car is a very common thing, but in the eyes of Li Jinfeng, the two children really make her sad. "Not long ago online that stood in the hallway of children when this piece of red net, lying in the back seat of the sleeping child can get understanding and recognition of the society?" Li Jinfeng wrote in the circle of friends, this is often caused by hot line teachers, you see only the individual phenomenon of individual teachers, it in his words, why don’t you go to see the teacher’s life deeply respected teacher! They are not gods, they also have a child, they also have a family life. What they need is only an understanding and identity! (reporter Gao Dongli)相关的主题文章:

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