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UnCategorized It used to be that years ago Mom’s didn’t have very many opportunities to stay at home and make extra money on the side. Apart from Tupperware or selling Avon, there just simply weren’t other avenues for them to make money. The Internet has changed all of this and now offers more work from home jobs for Moms than ever before. There are writing, secretarial and even full-blown business models that women can now take advantage of and all while still staying at home. One of these money-making opportunities is paid surveys. .panies from the beginning of time have always wanted to hear the opinion of the consumers to make their products better, think taste tests, same idea. Remember that mailer you used to get, that was surveys, where you had to answer a million questions by penciling in the little answer circles? Well these surveys have evolved to online surveys and now .e with the added benefit of .pensation for answering all those questions. .panies know that Mom’s have the biggest say in what types of products they bring into he household since women statistically do most of the shopping. This is why these .panies target moms to fill out the surveys to make their products better. Who knows better what baby products are worthwhile than the new mother who uses them daily? This is the reason that many women at home are now looking at paid online surveys as a reliable part-time in.e to contribute to the household while still being able to stay home with their children. Paid survey sites are a plenty but there is a risk of victim to a scam if you are not savvy enough to figure out which are legitimate or not. You could simply just do a search, if there are negative reactions, you will surly find it this way. The best way to look for surveys that pay is to go directly to a .pany’s website. Many manufacturers of food and home goods will have programs where you can sign up to offer your feedback and receive rewards such as the products they offer or coupons for your opinion. These .panies are also often looking for people to participate in focus groups, either online via an open chat forum or in person at a local facility. These focus groups will often take only an hour or so but pay out nicely. If you want to stick to online survey sites, there are plenty to choose from and most offer cash rewards. They usually work by a point system. You receive a certain amount of points per survey and then can cash them in for cash and products. The most important thing to remember is that filling out surveys should not be considered a full time job; it should be something that is used to bring a few extra dollars into the household, at least in the beginning. It is definitely not a get rich quick opportunity but if you put the time in you could end up earning a surprising in.e. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: