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People’s Daily: why the people’s livelihood in poor households at night – View – knowledge and information absorbing ability, determines people’s ability to create wealth recently, Sichuan to open a "peasant night" in some poor villages, by night, the slack time for poverty alleviation training, with the viewing system video lesson parts information, speak to fellow the poverty alleviation policy, teach production technology, also let village when the first Secretary of the "principal", on the platform, to ensure the quality of teaching. This evening for a long time did not hear a word. This kind of school in the spare time, but in the history textbook of "high frequency words". The early in the evening, the revolutionaries of the classroom, spread to the masses and revolutionary truth, evokes the millions of workers and peasants; after the founding of new China, evening and become the main battlefield to eliminate illiteracy. Listen to the elders who, at that time the village construction mobilization, widespread illiteracy no new state, all night! They learned to read and write simple, bid farewell to the illiterate". In now time node, then do evening, what is the significance? Don’t look at the explosion of knowledge in modern society, there is also a "blind" may. Communication, there is a term called "knowledge gap". Because people use the ability of knowledge, knowledge and information tide hit, some people benefit, Nongchao waves; some of them also cannot read, with no, two people are formed between the gap is more and more big difference. Digital technology makes the dissemination of information and knowledge more efficient, "knowledge gap" and then upgrade to digital channel". Young people living in the city, you can skillfully access to information on the Internet platform, looking for work, open shop…… These habits, for remote mountain village farmers, may be completely another world. Knowledge and information absorbing ability, determines people’s ability to create wealth. How many people in poverty, open source. Common "holding a golden begging bowl" news: the harvest season, standing at the entrance to the village waiting for the apple harvest; people did not come, can only make apple rotten in. Because in the knowledge system of farmers, this kind of marketing mode, do not know anything else. Compared with ordinary farmers, poor households to use all kinds of information resources are more weak. Do not say vision and technology, and even the government’s poverty reduction policies and measures, it is difficult to accurately receive. To help, not to undertake their own ability, can only eat ready-made, monthly money line, self hematopoietic difficult. In this case, even if out of poverty, is also very fragile. First anti-poverty and ignorance. Poverty alleviation should be information poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation. The evening is a form of farmers. Last night has accumulated some good experiences, such as farmers’ language lectures, new classes now also want to inherit, don’t get into a form, echo what the books say. Only to do effective, so that poor farmers to better understand the world around, better use of policies and information, in order to better out of poverty. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August 13 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: