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People’s Daily: Yangzhou actively promote the party members to participate in lectures — Jiangsu channel — original title: I am dangke speaker (learning Constitution Party rules, series speech, and be a qualified party) "people’s Daily" in November 28, 2016 6 edition screenshot original title: Jiangsu Yangzhou actively promote the party members to participate in lectures activities — I "this is the speaker dangke dangke today I say, is mainly about the spirit of the six plenary session of the understanding." One afternoon in November, in Jiangsu Yangzhou Hanjiang District Cuigang garden the 73 year old red party branch, Party members Shen Guangguo with the popular concise language, telling the six plenary session of "comprehensive strictly" theme, branch more than 20 old members listened with relish. "The overall strictly carry out the work, I think, one should know Ji Ming Ming in the heart, two in line to Benedict rules and discipline regulations specific to the practice, from three aspects to implement……" In the enterprise the IRS office party branch in Yangzhou City branch secretary Wang Jiajun lectures, combined with the tax work, elaborated how to strictly implement the work. In May this year, the city of Yangzhou in the "two a" study and education, in the city’s grass-roots party branches to carry out a wide range of "I am dangke speaker" theme activities, through the promotion of Party members to actively participate in the activities of lectures, so that every party members become the "two lead". Yizheng court of young police officers Wang Jingjing walked onto the party platform, combined with a typical case warning, remind each party member to truly "provinces", not "confession" of the narrator; Hanjiang District college-graduate village official Chang Zhitao from helping needy people start to share the experience of mass work and explore the grass-roots party members in rural areas, rural areas need to crack the problem…… In "I am dangke speaker" activities, more and more ordinary Party members, Party members go young gave lectures on the podium, on their own in two to learn to act and think in a ". "Promoting the education from" key minority "to the party members is the key to learning education, to create" I am lectures speaker "of this platform is to mobilize all Party members especially the enthusiasm and initiative of ordinary Party members to participate in the study of education." Yangzhou Municipal Committee of Ministers of the organization Zhang Baojuan, in Yangzhou, the grass-roots party organizations and leading cadres take the lead, please tell the advanced model demonstration, grass-roots party members give lectures, change the past "people" to "talk" to promote each party really really really understand school letter, enhanced to be qualified the thought of the Party member consciousness. "In the past are leading cadres lectures, experts and scholars, please speak out, the theoretical level is really high, but sometimes the effect is not good." Zhou Buxiang, deputy secretary of municipal level working committee, introduces the form of "I tell you to listen", the content of "grand narrative", lack of interaction, pertinence and attraction. "I’m positive dangke speaker" activities for ordinary Party members to participate in lectures of unprecedented, many young members of careful preparation and innovative form, content and side with their own examples, greatly improve the effectiveness of. "Speak in your own words, tell your own affairs, and listen to yourself."." Yangzhou grass-roots Party branch in "I am dangke speaker" activities, generally formed a dangke 1 speaker, many people comment, lively and vivid scene exchange situation, Party members in the exchange of speeches)

人民日报:扬州积极推动党员参与讲党课活动–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:我是党课主讲人(学党章党规、学系列讲话,做合格党员) 《人民日报》2016年11月28日6版 版面截图 原题:江苏扬州积极推动党员参与讲党课活动―― 我是党课主讲人 “今天我讲的这堂党课,主要是谈对六中全会精神的理解。”11月的一个下午,在江苏扬州邗江区翠岗花园夕阳红党支部,73岁老党员沈广国用通俗简练的语言,讲述着六中全会“全面从严治党”的主题,支部20多名老党员听得津津有味。 “把全面从严治党贯彻到工作中,我认为,一要铭于心、知纪明规,二要笃于行、守纪践规,具体要从三个方面来落实……”在扬州市国税局大企业处党支部的党课上,支部书记王家俊结合办税工作,详细阐述如何将从严治党落实到工作中。 今年5月开始,扬州市在“两学一做”学习教育中,在全市基层党支部广泛开展“我是党课主讲人”主题活动,通过推动党员积极参与讲党课活动,让每一名党员成为“两学一做”的主角。仪征法院青年干警王晶晶走上党课讲台,结合典型警示案例,提醒每一名党员要真正去“三省吾身”,不做“忏悔录”的讲述人;邗江区大学生村官常志涛从帮扶困难群众入手,与农村党员分享群众工作经验,探讨农村基层需要破解的问题……在“我是党课主讲人”活动中,越来越多的普通党员、年轻党员走上党课讲台,讲述自己在“两学一做”中的行动和思考。 “推动党内教育由‘关键少数’向广大党员是学习教育的关键,创建‘我是党课主讲人’这个平台,就是要调动每个党员特别是普通党员参加学习教育的积极性和主动性。”扬州市委常委、组织部长张宝娟介绍,活动中,扬州各基层党组织请领导干部带头讲、先进模范示范讲、基层党员登台讲,变过去上党课的“一人讲”为“大家讲”,推动每名党员真学真懂真信,增强了做合格党员的思想自觉。 “过去讲党课,都是请外面的专家学者、领导干部讲,理论水平确实高,但有时效果并不好。”市级机关工委副书记周步祥介绍,形式上“我讲你听”,内容“宏大叙事”,缺乏互动性、针对性和吸引力。“我是党课主讲人”活动让普通党员参与党课的积极性空前高涨,许多年轻党员认真备课、创新形式,内容多结合自身及身边事例,效果明显得到改善。 “用自己的话、讲自己的事、给自己人听。”扬州的基层党支部在“我是党课主讲人”活动中,普遍形成了一堂党课1人主讲、多人点评、现场交流的生动活泼局面,党员在交流发言中增强了学习意识,提高了理论水平。据统计,截至目前,扬州市有5万多名基层党员走上讲台,3万多名机关党员干部送党课下基层,形成了人人讲党课、个个受教育的浓厚氛围。 《人民日报》2016年11月28日6版 (责编:张鑫、唐璐)相关的主题文章: