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The people’s Liberation Army swept the carrier with Dongfeng -21D light exposure – Sohu who answer the military channel, the center for strategic and international studies, published a paper entitled "China Space Strategy and Developments Research Report", on the space strategy, China achievements, anti satellite weapons, the U.S. space ability and response to China space development is studied. Arsenal will be divided into two parts to introduce the related content, we focus on set Chinese space strategy is set to focus on those hard guy". First, China’s space strategy and space race is not a new phenomenon. During the cold war, the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States was one of the important contents of the two superpowers. At present, the astronauts are no longer national celebrities, the media coverage of space activities has been greatly reduced, while the space race is still fierce. Many countries, including the United States, China, Russia and Europe, are actively seeking the best way to use outer space for maximum national interest. After the end of the cold war, especially in China, in the field of space has made great efforts, the ability to use the outer space has been greatly improved. In 2015, China’s national defense white paper "China’s military strategy" pointed out that "space is the commanding height of international strategic competition". China has advanced space-based C4ISR ability, modernization has become more and more powerful rocket power, the Beidou satellite navigation system with global positioning system and the United States have comparable, series of space confrontation and anti satellite weapons, such as kinetic energy weapons, directed energy weapons and common rail network anti satellite weapons and anti satellite weapons have advanced manned space engineering. The development of advanced space capabilities is an important aspect of China’s military modernization. Every military change is an important step for the Chinese army to move towards the "information" war, and the evaluation of the objectives and projects of China’s aerospace industry should be carried out within the framework of China’s military reform. Since 1993, the "information" has been written for all operations Chinese people’s Liberation Army, the word by the people’s Liberation Army military strategy military experts on the Gulf War of 1991 was proposed after the study, they believe that information is an important guarantee for the victory in the Gulf war. The remote communication technology, precision strike, C4ISR system, anti access and area denial of joint force integration (joint force integration) is an important part of the information war, if no strong support of space force is impossible. Therefore, China to achieve the national goals before 2020, to promote the information construction to achieve great progress, we must vigorously strengthen the capability of space construction, Chinese in the field of space development and follow-up will continue to strengthen the competitive ability. In fact, the space race has become a major area of competition between China and the United states. Although there are many peaceful uses of outer space, the continuing competition between the United States and China in the field of space has become a new continuation of the arms race相关的主题文章: