Perfect world released the appointment of public notice of clean listed company

Perfect world issued appointment announcement as president of a listed company and perfect world in September 23rd released a new appointment announcement, the appointment of Mr. clean for the listed company holding group president and director; appointed Mr. Zhang Yunfan holding group director, and served as the business of literature CEO. Zhang Yunfan no longer serve as chairman of the listed company’s gaming business, the president of the game business by the listed company CEO concurrently; former U.S. stock game company CFO Mr. Liu Yongji was appointed director of the holding group. One of Mr. clean entry in September 23, 2016 perfect world before Chunhua capital founding partner, then served as director of Goldman Sachs investment bank before the general manager. In the practice of capital operation for many years, has accumulated a wide range of cross industry experience and contacts, has served as director of a number of well-known film and television companies, the film and television industry and the game is very familiar with the field. As for Zhang Yunfan’s work adjustment, the perfect world is that with the holding group in the cultural industry in the depth of the layout, the importance of literary business as an upstream industry increasingly significant. By virtue of the deep accumulation and rich experience in the field of literature, Mr. Zhang Yunfan will lead the literary business into a new stage of development, to help the holding group to achieve the successful layout of the pan entertainment industry. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: