Pingli County sleep home fire three people trapped in a window yo te amo

Pingli County: sleep home fire three people jumping a man trapped in western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Gao Weijia) today (October 28th) at 0:00, Pingli County Health City family hospital area on the third floor of a house on fire, was a family of four in her sleep. Four families in sleep woke up after being woken up by smoke, and rushed to the police and managed to escape. Fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, there are already three people in the police and helping people around, jumping through the window to escape. Ankang City Pingli County Fire squadron deputy commander Cao Ga: "the police and the people around it is said there is a trapped, trapped is headed, the third is a jumping is his mother, one of his wife, his daughter is a third person, the escape has been 120 away." Fire officers and men quickly rescued the people who were still trapped in the room. Fireman: "anybody?"" The door of the burning house was closed, and 3 firemen, after breaking the door, used the water cannon to extinguish the fire while searching for trapped people in the thick smoke. Fireman: go to the balcony to have a look." Five past one, the fire was controlled, fire officers and soldiers in the bathroom search and rescue here to avoid the fire trapped men. Fireman: take a walk, go down, slow down, no one, no more. There’s a jar of gas in it." Then the liquefied gas tank in the kitchen was successfully transferred to a safe location, fire officers and soldiers to conduct a thorough investigation of the fire, to prevent the resurgence of.

安康平利:睡梦中家里起火 三人跳窗一人被困   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《第一新闻》记者 高维佳)今天(10月28号)凌晨零点多,安康市平利县一家属院小区三楼房屋着火,当时一家四口正在睡梦中。   睡梦中的一家四口被浓烟呛醒后,赶紧报警并设法逃生。消防官兵赶到现场时,已经有三人在民警和周围群众的帮助下,跳窗逃生。   安康市平利县消防中队副中队长曹嘎:“民警还有周围的群众就说是里面有一个被困人员,被困的是户主,跳楼的这三个是一个是他妈,一个是他媳妇,一个是他女儿,逃生的三个人已经被120拉走了。”   消防官兵迅速对仍被困在房间里的人展开营救。   消防队员:“有人吗?”   着火房屋的门紧关着,3名消防员在破拆开房门后,利用水枪灭火的同时,在浓烟中寻找被困者。   消防队员:“去阳台看一下。”   凌晨1点过5分,明火得到控制,消防官兵在卫生间内搜救到了在这里躲避火势的被困男子。   消防队员:“走走走,下去,慢一点,没有人了,没了没了。那里面有个液化气罐子。”   随后厨房里的液化气罐也被成功转移到安全位置,消防官兵对火场进行彻底排查,防止复燃。相关的主题文章: