Pornographic pictures sent to the 500 party and government working group, Hubei, an official was sev-sichen

Obscene pictures sent to the 500 Party Working Group Hubei officials were at the Beijing Yan – Chu network news (correspondent Huang Jixuan) in late August 25th 21 points to 4 points, a unit in Yingshan County of Huanggang city staff Zhang (a pseudonym) the important activities of the unit today edited picture news according to the Convention, as he prepared to forwarded to the county Party and government organs working for WeChat group "Yingshan" micro politics "sun", the WeChat mobile phone "drop", from "Yingshan micro political work group pop-up pornographic pictures, a look at the original publisher, is deputy director of the county township government clerk Cheng Fang hole. The Internet is not outside the law. WeChat group is the work of the party and government organs display, communication and discussion of the work of the platform, which belongs to the "public place", the leading cadres of the party is a public figure, every word and action represents the image of the party and government. In the WeChat group forwarded pornographic pictures, not only destroyed the network environment, endanger the physical and mental health, and violation of discipline, discipline, damage the image of the party and the government, resulting in adverse effects, must be subject to disciplinary treatment. Immediately, the local commission for Discipline Inspection also quickly involved in the investigation. That night, after investigation, the county government deputy director Kong Fang Xiang Cheng, will see its forwarding in other WeChat group pornographic pictures to individual boss Wang Fang Xiang hole sometime, accidentally forwarded to the "micro politics" of Yingshan working group. Micro politics Yingshan WeChat group has a total of more than 500 party and county cadres. Cheng’s behavior objectively caused the spread of pornographic pictures of the wrong facts. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the case fast check fast knot, within 18 hours of the problem that the parties to make a serious deal to give a party a serious warning, administrative demotion, and informed exposure.相关的主题文章: