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Notice: how to improve the pregnant women during pregnancy, maternal immunity – Sohu during pregnancy decreased immunity effect, easily lead to infection during pregnancy due to decreased immunity, thus increasing the risk of infection is many, like polio virus, hepatitis A, herpes and malaria and other diseases. Arthritis can recur if a pregnant woman has a history of rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, which can cause you to become sick during pregnancy. Pregnant women must go to see a doctor. Easy to cause inflammation due to the immune system damage, so the body is prone to inflammation during pregnancy symptoms are normal, then need to drink plenty of water and rest, to help the body recover quickly. Can cause high blood pressure in some cases, changes in the immune system will respond to stimulation, and cause symptoms of high blood pressure, which is dangerous during pregnancy, because high blood pressure may cause preeclampsia. It is also difficult to fight against common diseases such as colds and flu, which is why many pregnant women catch colds. Two, how to enhance immunity during pregnancy, enhance immune food to enhance immunity during pregnancy the best way is a healthy diet. Choose green vegetables, citrus fruits, garlic. You also need meat, eggs and nuts. Avoid junk food according to research, eating junk food can cause inflammation. When your immune system is weak, you need to make it work harder. Drink enough water to make sure you drink enough water. Water is a good way to help the body detox, and it can also make you look charming during pregnancy. Intake supplement to your body, need a lot of extra nutrition during pregnancy, but the light is food intake may not be able to provide you all the necessary vitamins and minerals, so you need to take supplements. Moderate exercise? Why do you need exercise during pregnancy? Because exercise can improve your immune system, but also to prepare for childbirth. So ask your doctor to start the exercise program. Release all the stress during pregnancy, stress can make your weak immune system pay the price. So try to control the pressure. Try meditation, yoga, a good book, a massage, listening to your favorite music.相关的主题文章: