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Pu’er Tea love you, don’t know how "Ninger"? Sohu and map: South Beauty of ancient tea tea in 2016 "Hekai Ninger", the term seems a bit strange, but the mention of tea, everyone is familiar with, especially the love of tea friends. Now the Ninger county is the old Pu’er prefecture. Pu’er tea is famous for the country, but in Pu’er Tea, is not produced in the territory of Ninger County, six famous tea, such as Yibang Lok Yau, are twelve xishuangbanna. In the Qing Dynasty twelve Banna is attached to Pu’er Prefecture, and tea trading are concentrated in the tea, so it is called Pu’er Tea. When the heyday of the tea industry, every year thousands of Tibetans to catch a mule, from here to South Weixi, Shimonoseki tea. But now the tea trade completely to Fohai killed. No city like after the rise and fall of Pu’er so short. From the county to the stream Pu’er today, but also more than and 200 years, but has experienced the vicissitudes of life. In the two dynasties Yuanjiang City is winding south in early Qing Dynasty, Pu’er chieftain, and the center of gravity gradually southward to puer. Pu’er in the Qing Dynasty for the government, the Republic of waste government, to Pu’er road. The control of twelve Banna and Indochina Peninsula, the Kunming barrier. It is up to the southern military, political and commercial center of more than 100 years. Later twelve Banna domestication, its importance in the military gradually decreased, until the sea market established, its business has plummeted, Pu’er from slowly aging. In twenty years after the miasma introduced from Simao, the more stripped of its last. According to the survey of the county government, in 1932, the county has a total of 147 OO households, seventy thousand of the population, in the 27 years, only a seven O OO, forty thousand and eight hundred, six years, population decreased by forty-five percent. Pu’er is how to decline, it is conceivable that the. Malaria in Pu’er kills more than any plague can. It is said that in the fierce time every day, the gate of the city to carry out more than just a coffin. Recently, the local people gradually understand the miasma of truth, so much attention to public health, the city, the corner edge of the grass, all shovel clean, sweep the street clearly, no sewage and garbage dump. Compared with grinding Street filth, really have a sense of heaven and hell, no wonder the miasma from here to move to wear black. This is the progress made by countless lives, I do not know if it is possible to keep forever. Although the Pu’er decay, but still maintain a family style, the neat grand wall, wide clean streets, and a leisure city filled the air, give me a good impression. But the price is very expensive tea, then find out many results, just know this is Mohei customs card tax results of chaos. Not only foreign goods to pay taxes, is produced in the county is no exception, such as sesame like items, tax is huge, hard to believe, so how can the price not expensive! The chief executive of the south is Pu’er territorial supervision, his benevolent, is known to all. The housekeeper two man maguotou arrogance, spoke straight shook his head. The county about fifty% of the age, the upper lip with a beautiful mustache, his face full of smile. "相关的主题文章: