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[quote] China lottery SMG recommended: Panathinaikos is expected to win even negative VS Goteborg from Azerbaijan Karabakh karaba unbeaten League, Champions League first round playoff 0 1 lost to Goteborg. The Swedish team Goteborg Super League title hopes, road performance drag, in the UEFA Champions League games is played full of sound and colour. His index showed a downward trend, the lowest is only 1.44, good karabakh. The game number: Thursday 002 game time: August 26th 00:30 recommended reference: VS Feneba wins the grasshopper Swiss Super League team. Rick sion, returning to achieve victory. Farenair Pace in the Champions League qualifying game, after the first round of the 3 fought in the Champions League, 0 win over. Farenair Pace’s let the hemisphere lure many suspects, in fact, the team in the promotion in sight cases may not to play the second leg. The game number: Thursday 003 game time: August 26th 01:00 recommended: Rosen VS Rosenberg recently in Vienna Bo – flat bottomed, the first leg of the Europa League playoff 1 than 2 defeat to Austria in Vienna, the move is to draw at. Austria Vienna nearly 11 games 8 wins 3 of the negative results, and show a strong attack force. The main victory wins index index fell, rising to become the main trend. The game number: Thursday 005 game time: August 26th 01:00 recommended: Sheng Bu Longde VS team than Longde Dan Palmer nano octyl cloth in the League even take two victory in the first round of the Champions League playoff is 0 than 3 defeat. The Greek super team Panna Sin Nakos because the league has not yet started, there is enough energy in europe. The index does not adjust the direction of a guest, exponential cross section distribution, Panna Sin Nakos is expected to become. The game number: Thursday 006 game time: August 26th 01:00 recommended: Pingfu Bart VS Ashtar in the League Belarus giants Bart performance eye-catching, first round playoff Champions League is the 0 – 2 defeat. Astana from the Kazakhstan League, recently won three consecutive victories in various events, and all zero opponents. Let the ball generally let Bart hemisphere, it is expected to save face in the home court. The game number: Thursday 007 game time: August 26th 02:00 recommended: Sheng (Huo Miao) recommended: 002 single betting Thursday Thursday 003 wins kalaba * * Rosen Thursday 005 grasshopper Shengping Bo * 006 Longde * Pingfu cloth Thursday Thursday 007 Bart wins, 5 string 1. (this column recommends that the game should not be played)相关的主题文章: