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Rainie Yang want to turn back to the background when Mrs. Lee? Rainie Yang, Li Ronghao responded: impossible Rainie Yang Facebook screenshot Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Rainie Yang and singer Li Ronghao love more stable, lvchuan 2 joint venture to open studio, a magazine published today also means she wants to take care of her boyfriend turn behind the cause, called her ready when Mrs. Lee, Rainie Yang earlier in this Facebook said: "I’m really tired! A weekly plus today’s issue is added to the story, but also extends the content of false rumors. So, I declare this platform, this is the last time, after no longer respond to this ridiculous thing, please media friends excuse me." Rainie Yang said: "Mr. Li Ronghao and a group of companies, now or in the future are impossible. The two sides can not be each other’s artists. No matter where you hear out of thin air leaks, or you think you know the news is reliable, respect for my trouble! I won’t do things since the mouth. No, that’s not! And my business or personal, without any person other than through my message for me even made up! Thank you for your concern ~ Rainie Yang: over thirty years of mature heart相关的主题文章: