Refuse to shake! The Pacers, the green shirt and the army go hand in hand to the

Refuse to shake! The Pacers Lvshan army in playoffs reporter Guan Weijia (micro-blog) of NBA each year, there are so few teams: what do you think of their squad, how feel they must belong to the lottery, in this era of talent teams habits and attention, they should behoove put rotten, fight for better picks. But when you hit it, you see, eh? Why are they playing so well? Are they going to be in the playoffs? What happens if they get into the playoffs? It doesn’t make sense…… This team was called raptors and Suns last season, and this year was the Pacers and the celtics. The difference is that the two teams last year from the beginning of the season one surprise this season two eastern veteran teams but bad start, after 2014, the Pacers 12 wins and 21 losses, the Celtics 11 wins and 18 losses, compared with their today’s strong momentum is very different. Beijing time on March 15th, the Pacers and the Celtics pedestria, compete for the final playoff spot in the east. This war, the Pacers are the best teams in the league, they have won 7 games after the all star 10 war only 1 defeat; the Celtics last 10 games lost just 3 array, some beat in the pelican, Miami, grizzly bears such master. This is a typical "old Eastern" type of combat, they hit the last 5 seconds before the final winner, two teams together only 182 points, the Boston media lamented the team can still cast to take away the victory 42.2% shooting, the Pacers George · Hill tribute to the rival channel "we work hard, we will get past the whole game, this game, but the Celtics as we fight today." The Pacers lost the game, failed to throw away their opponents, the Celtics won, the eastern seventh to tenth of the four teams, compressed to only one victory in the block space. Behind them, the nets and pistons have left behind, the eastern playoff seats dispute, from half a month ago 6 into 2 into 4 into 2. It’s conceivable that a team such as a walker and a Celtics, even if it hits the playoffs, will inevitably have a fate. What kind of driving force drove them to overcome many difficulties and walked forward in the eyes of people who doubted? The motives of walkers are not difficult to understand. They are an ambitious team this season, the league is only injuries. Paul – George’s accidental injury reduced their upper limit, George – Hill frequent situation, let them often even lower limit can not guarantee. But we can see that even with the lack of offensive firepower and star talent, the Pacers are still one of the best defensive teams in the nba. So, the sudden emergence of the Pacers looks like a genetic mutation, but it’s a continuation of the genes and details of the teams. The Celtics rebound was really surprising. Before the season, they were not optimistic. In the mid season, the green army replaced Rondo and Geoff – Green, a desperate attitude to save the draft. I don’t want to say that the Celtic glory tradition can’t allow them to make bad decisions, nor do they want to say anything about the spirit of the cardinals, but the way each team builds it.

拒绝摆烂! 步行者绿衫军齐头并进冲击季后赛 记者管维佳(微博)述评 每一年的NBA,都有这么几支球队:你怎么看他们的阵容,怎么都觉得他们必须属于乐透区,按照这个时代的习惯以及各队对选秀的重视,他们理所当然应该摆烂,为更好的选秀权而战。但打着打着,你发现,诶?他们为什么打得这么好?他们难道还要进季后赛?就算进了季后赛他们又能怎么样呢?没道理啊……这样的球队,上赛季叫做猛龙和太阳,今年则是步行者和凯尔特人。不同之处在于,去年的那两支球队从赛季初就让人大跌眼镜,本赛季的两支东部老牌强队却开局不利,打完2014年,步行者12胜21负,凯尔特人11胜18负,和他们如今的强劲势头相比,简直天差地别。北京时间3月15日,步行者和凯尔特人狭路相逢,争夺东部最后的季后赛席位。此战前,步行者是全联盟状态最好的球队,他们已连胜7场,全明星后10战仅1败;凯尔特人过去10场也只输了3阵,战胜的对手中不乏鹈鹕、热火、灰熊这样的高手。这是一场典型的“老东部”式肉搏,他们打到最后5秒才最终分出输赢,两队加在一起只得182分,波士顿媒体在感叹本队只投出42.2%的命中率却仍能在客场带走胜利,步行者的乔治·希尔则向对手致敬道,“我们拼搏了整场比赛,过去我们总会拿下这样的比赛,但今天凯尔特人和我们一样拼。”步行者输球,没能甩掉身后的对手,凯尔特人取胜,将东部第7到第10的四支球队,压缩到只差一个胜场的闭塞空间内。在他们身后,篮网和活塞已经掉队,东部季后赛席位之争,从半个月前的6进2变成4进2。可以想象,步行者和凯尔特人这样的球队,即便冲进季后赛,也难免一轮游的命运。是什么样的动力驱使着他们,克服重重困难,在人们怀疑的目光中艰难前行?步行者的动机不难理解。他们本就是一支志存高远的球队,本赛季之所以战绩不佳,仅仅是受伤病所累。保罗-乔治的意外受伤降低了他们的上限,乔治-希尔状况频出让他们时常连下限也无法保证。但我们也能看到,即便缺乏进攻火力和明星天赋,步行者却一直还是全联盟防守最好的球队之一。因此,步行者的异军突起看上去像是基因突变,实情却是强队基因和底蕴的延续。凯尔特人的反弹确实让人意外。赛季前他们便不被看好,赛季中期,绿军又换走了隆多和杰夫-格林,一副为了积攒选秀权不顾一切的架势。我不想说凯尔特人的光荣传统无法准许他们做出摆烂的决定,也不想拿红衣主教的灵魂说事儿,但每支球队构建的方式的确有所差别,76人为了得到最好的年轻球员愿意每年都摆烂,而绿衫军的思路则是,就像安吉说的:“如果这些年轻球员能打进季后赛,去感受一下季后赛的气氛,这对他们的未来发展将非常有利。”76人和凯尔特人的做法谁对谁错?短期内我们无法得到答案,也许5年后才能见分晓。但从发展和锻炼现有年轻球员的角度,我更赞赏凯尔特人的做法——人生苦短,岁月流年,职业球员的生涯尤其短暂,每一年对他们来说都无比宝贵、无法追回,与其任之东流,不如打起精神,为最好的结果努力。相关的主题文章: