[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 266th recommended summary x3210

[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 266th recommended summary [report] Chinese lottery arrangement 0 – 9 distribution of three comprehensive analysis: comment group choose view, right and the centre of gravity of the whole tendency, in the premise, the serious shortage of 2 small 0, large 7, 8 into the back stage, then consider the number the situation is better, 6 9 two yards, 2 small 0 will lead to warming; from the date the trend on the adjacent solitary pass, pass code will have a performance, with its two neighbors, collocation more code coming out of the opportunity, five code combination recommendation 02689. A chart analysis: 100 in medium 6 flat seat, could rapidly walk left small, 0, 1, 2 small signs of the large area number is quite obvious, appropriate to consider 9 to ten 0** Danma recommended location; 4 although look from the composition of the trend, but compared to other even. The probability is still low, especially considering the performance of the 6, 8 large areas, recommended a positioning Danma *8*; 1 to repair can not be ignored, to the medium area after the possibility of staying in this area is large, with 4, 6 for the key, under the recommended location Danma **6. Analysis of heat and cold: odd overall in the dominant position, be strong, again all odd combination, if the two odd even a counterattack, promising me odd election the first appeared, small duplex recommended "I +8+ odd"; after the 789 large area continuous hot period, thermal potential comeback next. The one, 00, 11, about 22 of the pairs with 7, 8, 9 single code group three forms; 012 each a combination is currently missing has reached 13, the obvious signs of a thaw, more consideration to 0 bile 147, each one of the 258 group of six forms; all previously missing up to 40 number combination thawing period, estimated again missing up to 5 or more will back up, consider "0+ +" small duplex. And value analysis: decimal and tail and span over a period of time continue to take the heat, under this trend, after the performance of the inert and the tail 3 the easiest time to cover, and the large number and tail due attention to 7, 13, 14, and the recommended value of 17 points; span, span and 1 span is 5 may appear again, considering the 9 span may also be opened in 7 before the cross. Number recommended: 029, 009, 096, 076, 276, 566, 546, 500, 303. [report] China lottery Dong Xu supermarket direct election even stronger 100 since the 264 stage began to rebound even appeared strong head, the cut-off period and even open 2 odd before there is still a gap, is expected in the next period even number is 1-2 space, may be concerned about the decimal number. Recommended: 4, 2, 8. Ten odd and even continue to refresh the heat value, the number of large number of heat back again, No. 9 has even opened the 3 period, the future 1-2 recommendations concern even at the same time, will slow down thaw. Recommended: 4, 6, 8. A bit from the 264 end even even after showing the odd rebound situation, at the same time, the gradual rise, short-term bullish odd number, in the large number area. Recommend:。相关的主题文章: