Review traces! Chen He Zhang Zixuan is married with

Review traces! Chen He Zhang Zixuan is married father Chen promotion ranks Sina entertainment news in late October 23rd 8 pm, Chen drying out a little newborn in the micro-blog pictures, called "thanksgiving", and Zhang Zixuan confirmed that the child has been born. Sina entertainment exclusive understanding, Zhang Zixuan was born in Shanghai in the morning of the daughter, six pounds of 62, mother and daughter peace. Netizens have said in the message below micro-blog Chen too suddenly, my day! What situation!" "It’s going too fast!" "You upgrade, a little can not accept" happiness came too suddenly!" Users were surprised, and Zhang Zixuan has been relatively low-key during pregnancy. Although it was photographed several times and seized suspected belly photos, but Chen Zhang Zixuan did not disclose the progress of pregnancy, Zhang Zixuan was still on weekdays frequently share their belly flat photos, do not see the slightest signs of pregnancy. We may wish to review Zhang Zixuan’s pregnancy traces: this year during the Spring Festival, Zhang Zixuan was accompanied by Chen to return to his hometown in Fujian, met Chen parents, indicates that the two love fruition; in February, a netizen in a hospital to see Zhang Zixuan alone to do blood tests, the afternoon Chen also came to accompany it should just be pregnant soon. After the news, the two parties remained silent, pregnancy rumors also is also February, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled; there is a netizen said to see two people in the Changning District Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai City, suspected licensing of marriage; Sina entertainment to Chen broker confirmation, the other said short "do not know, do not respond, then known from Sina entertainment Valentine was informed that two people have licensing of marriage; in April, the media photographed with Zhang Zixuan Chen and friends dinner in Hengdian, the movie is a knock Chen quickly come back to take care of Zhang Zixuan, for a walk with her play. Zhang Zixuan, a loose clothing seems to cover the lower abdomen, once again raised speculation that pregnant; Zhang Zixuan went to Japan to play, also dressed very loose; in May, Zhang Zixuan suspected micro-blog small miss Oh @ Zhang made a only two words of micro-blog, "male", seems to refer to the sex of the baby; in the same month, a photographer photographed Zhang Zixuan accompanied by her mother’s shopping in Shanghai, insiders said, Zhang Zixuan has been pregnant for four months, due in November, and Chen is married two people decided at home, children; also in May, Zhang Zixuan drying out a play at the seaside photos, photo, Zhang Zixuan show playful smile, very happy, the right hand ring finger on a ring stand out. Netizens have speculated that Chan and Zhang Zixuan good thing. But a picture of Zhang Zixuan, no belly bulge, seems to smash the pregnancy rumors, but also may be the alleged old photos; Chen also in the sun on the social networking site a seaside photos, have a wedding ring, two people were reportedly planning a wedding ceremony in Maldives in the second half of this year, and later settled in Shanghai; a few months, Zhang Zixuan seems to be quiet, was photographed pictures plummeted. But she is still in micro-blog frequently share their photos, belly flat again without exception. Now it seems that over the past six months, Zhang Zixuan has been)相关的主题文章: