Russia captured the Ukraine sabotage group Ukraine denied completely lies – China

Russia captured "Ukraine damage group" Ukraine denied: is completely a lie – Beijing [Global Times special correspondent in Russia Le Shizufumi Global Times special correspondent Liu Yupeng] "Sevastopol Ukraine become targets of terrorist attacks." 10 days, Russian Federation Security Bureau announced that the Ministry of defense in Ukraine, Sevastopol arrested several ready to destroy Crimea destruction of team members. But the Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied this statement. Russian experts said that this is a provocative behavior in Ukraine. Russia’s new network 10, said the Russian Federal Security Bureau news shows: "the Federal Security Bureau on 9 in Sevastopol arrested several Ukraine Defense Intelligence Bureau terrorist sabotage team members, destruction of the Crimea Peninsula military infrastructure and living facilities of the group plan. Powerful explosive devices, guns and ammunition, special communication equipment and road map were captured from the arrested persons." Currently, the Russian Federal Security Agency is to take coercive measures against the arrested. Ukraine news agency reported on 10, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry issued a statement on the Internet: "the Department of defense intelligence bureau denied the Russian Federal Security Bureau in Sevastopol captured the Council staff statement. It’s all a lie." The Department of defense for military action Donbas leader Andre? Lei SAST said, Ukraine does not have to send people there, Russian intelligence in an attempt to show that the work efficiency, the Russian leaders, to deceive the people and the international community. Ukrainian interior ministry official J Kily Jaakko said that Russia announced the capture of Ukraine in Crimea may be associated with the destruction of the president of the United States, the purpose of the president is to leave a bad impression on the to the. Trump said in July that, if elected, the United States consider recognizing that Crimea is part of russia. After the Ukraine denied, Russian media announced the list of persons arrested. Itar TASS said 10 saboteurs, including Alexei? Don’t ce’sar LaBeouf, Dmitri? J Te Boli Kopf and Vladimir? 1980, they are currently being held in prison in Sevastopol Lenin, they have admitted that the implementation of the destruction of the local power plant to tap water, and gas station facilities. The Russian China Foreign Affairs University professor Surman believes that in the implementation of the Crimea Ukraine sabotage was planned long ago, this action is related to the U.S. presidential election, to cause chaos in Crimea, that Russia is the aggressor. Trump’s victory in the election was completely beyond the expectations of the Ukrainian government, Ukraine hopes that this provocative approach to the newly elected president of the United States that the position on the Crimea issue.相关的主题文章: