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Russian media secret China purchasing Su 35 uses: Study on the performance of domestic aircraft — help Guizhou channel — original title: Russian media secret Chinese purchasing Su 35 uses: performance study help domestic aircraft according to the Russian satellite network reported on October 13th, Russian media quoted the "radio electronic technology" deputy general manager Concen Givet for the season? Gabriel said, Russia will supply a group of Su -35 fighter to Chinese, and the configuration and provide the same aerospace forces. China insisted on assembling parts made in china. Russian military expert Vasily? Kashin said that, that is to say, the procurement of the first batch of 24 Su -35 fighter’s main purpose is to study the performance of depth test. After about five years of long and hard negotiations, China and Russia signed 24 purchase contracts for Su -35 in 2015. The purchase quantity was primarily discussed. Russia insisted that no less than 48, while China only wanted to buy a few, and finally reached a 24 agreement between the two sides. After the number of purchase agreed, there are still many unresolved issues. Russia does not intend to transfer any technology to China under the framework of the procurement contract, insisting that the aircraft should be supplied in the form of finished products. However, according to Russian media reports, China insisted on assembling parts made in China from 2013 to 2014. Perhaps this requirement is related to China’s desire to unify the equipment inside the cockpit, which helps to organize the technical maintenance and training of the fighters. According to the available information, Russia agreed to make some necessary amendments. Chinese manufacturers may participate in some parts of aircraft manufacturing. However, the "radio electronic technology" Konzern general manager quarter Jaffe said that after further consultations and negotiations, both sides reached an agreement that will receive China and Russian warplanes fielded the same style, the only difference is the use of China Beidou navigation system. Quarter garve admitted that Russia had tried to cab electronic instrument all the annotation information for Chinese, but Chinese characters in Russia in the LCD screen to display the poor. Chinese fighter planes are equipped with domestic LCD display, the information is marked in chinese. However, the problem may not lie in the quality of the display, but rather the amount of information on the aircraft and weapon control system displayed on the screen. From this point of view, Su -35 is different from Chinese aircraft, and its display is difficult to display all the necessary information in the normal font. Chinese air force and navy air force still has many aircraft equipped with Russian labeled equipment and screen, mainly Su -30MKK and Su -30MK2. That is to say, at the present stage, this is not an issue that cannot be solved. At the same time, if the future purchase of additional Chinese, or Russia’s technology transfer, it is necessary to design a data display system, in order to meet the needs of customers Chinese. Obviously, the Chinese Air Force Procurement of 24 Su -35 fighter is mainly for depth testing, research on its performance. Su -35 will help understand Chinese on their various types of heavy fighter f -11 more accurately and f -15, -16 development, these models will take a long-term Chinese air combat force force. (TU min, Chen Kangqing: commissioning editor)

俄媒揭秘中国采购苏35用途:研究性能助国产战机–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:俄媒揭秘中国采购苏35用途:研究性能助国产战机 据俄罗斯卫星网10月13日报道,俄罗斯媒体援引“无线电电子技术”康采恩副总经理吉维?占季加夫的话称,俄罗斯将向中国供应一批苏-35战机,且配置与提供给空天部队的相同。此前中国坚持要装配部分中国产部件。俄罗斯军事专家瓦西里?卡申认为,也就是说,中方采购首批24架苏-35战机的主要目的就是进行深度测试,研究其性能。 经过大约五年漫长而艰苦的洽谈,中俄两国于2015年签署了24架苏-35的采购合同。最初主要讨论购机数量。俄方坚称不能少于48架,而中方只想先买几架,最终双方达成了24架的协议。 购机数量商定后,还有许多问题悬而未决。俄罗斯不打算在采购合同框架下向中国转让任何技术,坚持飞机应以成品的形式供应。然而根据俄罗斯媒体的报道,中方则在2013至2014年间坚持在飞机上装配中国产的部件。也许这一要求与中方希望统一战机驾驶舱内设备有关,这样有助于组织战机的技术维护和飞行员的培训。根据现有资料,俄方同意做出部分必要修改。中国生产商可能参与飞机制造的部分环节。 然而,“无线电电子技术”康采恩总经理占季加夫表示,经过进一步的磋商和洽谈,双方达成协议,即中国将收到与列装俄军样式相同的战机,唯一的区别就是将使用中国北斗导航系统。占季加夫承认,俄方曾尝试将驾驶室内电子仪器上的所有标注信息译为中文,但汉字在俄罗斯液晶屏上显示不佳。中国战机上配备的是国产液晶显示屏,信息用汉语标注。然而问题可能不在于显示屏的质量,而是屏上显示的飞机及武器控制系统的信息量的问题。 从这个角度来说,苏-35与中国飞机不同,其显示屏很难以正常字体完整显示所有必需信息。中国空军和海军航空兵仍有很多飞机配备用俄文标注的设备和屏幕,主要是苏-30MKK和苏-30MK2。也就是说,在当前阶段这不属于无法解决的问题。与此同时,如果未来中国追加购买,或者俄罗斯对华转让技术,就有必要重新设计数据显示系统,以适应中国客户的需要。显然,中国空军采购24架苏-35战机主要是为了进行深度测试,研究其性能。了解苏-35将帮助中国人更加准确地研究本国各型歼-11重型战机以及歼-15、歼-16的发展轨迹,这些机型将长期占据中国空中作战力量的主力。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章: