Russian tourism department plans to go to China every year to upgrade to 2 million Chinese tourists

Russian tourism department: plans to go to Russia every year China tourists increased to 2 million – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 11 November, according to the Russian satellite network reported, deputy director of the Russian travel agency Sergei korneyev? Said in an interview, the Department hopes to travel to Russia every year the China tourists reached 2 million passengers last year, travel to Russia China the number of visitors more than 1 million 100 thousand passengers. Kerr Neyev said: China is a very promising direction of inbound travel. We hope that the number of Chinese tourists will reach 2 million per year. Whether we can achieve this goal by next year or in 2018 depends largely on our own." Second Russian Visit Russia China office opened in Shanghai in November 10th. According to reports, the average price of travel to Russia from Shanghai to $5000. At present, Visit Russia began in China promotion such as the Republic of Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Pakistan what tostain the Republic of St Petersburg, Cole, Vladimir S, Yaroslavl, Linzhou, the Republic of Sakha, the Russian tourist route area. Kerr Neyev also said that Russian travel agencies now also recommended in the Great Silk Road along the road and tea tourism — Lake Baikal and Irkutsk. Is also actively developing tourism routes in Ural and Volga River cruise trip. Kerr Neyev said that from January 2016 to June to travel to Russia, Chinese tourists spending $1 billion 700 million in russia. Kerr Neyev also said: tourists from China spent about $1 billion 700 million in russia. This is a great contribution to the national economy." He pointed out that the number of Chinese tourists in the first half of 2016 rose 10% year on year, an increase of up to 458 thousand passengers.相关的主题文章: