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Safety first, but the network about car safety and household registration has a relationship? Author: poison tongue to see about the car management rules for the implementation of Guangzhou Shenzhen network released the draft, the first time I went to a WeChat group for "how short drops". Friends remind, drops are not listed. But close friends will soon give a constructive opinion – to do more taxi companies, while listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen two existing taxi companies listed on the main taxi. Be moved。 I am not just a joke, but for the drops represented by the big network about the car platform, as well as the numerous drivers and passengers behind them, this is not a joke. This is life and death. These cities, especially the two cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the restriction on the network about the car, not to say that the network will kill about the car, at least let the network about cars do not know what people look like. If the draft directly into a formal draft, a technological innovation aimed at improving the public travel experience, will become only a few people enjoy luxury. Now the vast majority of drivers will be out of the market, the vast majority of passengers now will not hit or not hauling about cars. No one believes that the network does not need to control the car, security and service is the public has been in the mouth of the words, but also the government has been written in front of the words. Beijing Transportation Commission, said, draft the starting point and the end result is to protect the safety of passengers travel; and WeChat public Shen Ping also talked about the norm of the network about the operation of the car…… Its original intention is to travel safety considerations for the general public." Since the Beijing Shanghai are put the safety of passengers placed in an important position, put the file open, broken, good to talk about how to protect the safety of passengers? Beijing and Shanghai have raised the requirements for driver qualifications, including no traffic accident crime, dangerous driving crime, violent crime and drug abuse records, no record, no record of driving after drinking, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points record ", it did not have to say, is a common industry access threshold. However, the Beijing Shanghai version of the rules are required to locals local car". Taking into account the two cities outside the car are limited to the line, the local car is also a good understanding of the requirements, locals can not say. Accustomed to the two native filled with foreign guests and Shanghai exclusive, local people will think more and more reliable way. But it is well known that the Shanghai and Hong Kong household registration restrictions are very strict, a large number of immigrants living in the local community for more than ten years and grew up in the local, the two generation of migration, because there is no account, are not considered to be local. Said locals more reliable, is the naked discrimination of foreign household registration. Beijing and Shanghai have been triggered by the local taxi driver from murder, there is no evidence that the opening of non Chinese taxi driver local Guangzhou, Shenzhen, will become more dangerous. What’s more, the so-called "low-end" industry in the city, a large number of practitioners are outsiders, do these industries are also restricted to outsiders practitioners? The results can be imagined, due to the low number of people engaged in these low-end industries and wishes are very low, property fees, courier fees, service fees will be so expensive that you can not afford, can not afford, can not afford to eat. The driver said that the local Lu Wei相关的主题文章: