Samsung plane smoke caused flight emergency landing official said external force caused

Samsung smoke caused by flight made an emergency landing force induced Tencent official said Francisco, according to foreign media reports, Note 7 in the aftermath of the explosion has not dissipated, Samsung trouble again, the negative news has gradually disappeared from the headlines once again, this time the Samsung tablet. Delta’s flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was forced to make an emergency landing in Manchester due to a smoke from a Samsung plane, according to ABC news. It was learned that the flat was placed in the trunk of the passengers, but in the flight, baggage lodging stuck in the seat, and then the flat appeared white smoke, pilots worried about aircraft safety, forced to choose landing. When the plane landed 2 years ago, delta changed its seat, and after some inspection, the plane took off again and flew to Amsterdam. Meanwhile, the FAA says it has begun an investigation into the incident. Unlike Note 7, which was caused by a battery explosion, the incident may have been caused by environmental factors. Samsung also said in an official statement that the flat smoking accident was caused by external forces. However, even if this does not blame the Samsung back, I am afraid that many users will also be on the Samsung device at a distance, after all the S7 Edge and Note 2 have occurred such accidents. Therefore, the biggest damage to the recall is probably the brand image of samsung.

三星平板冒烟致航班紧急迫降 官方称外力所致腾讯科技讯 据外媒报道,Note 7爆炸的余波还未消散,三星的麻烦就又来了,已经逐渐从头条消失的负面新闻再次袭来,这次轮到了三星的平板。据ABC新闻报道,德尔塔公司从底特律飞阿姆斯特丹的航班由于一台三星平板冒烟而紧急迫降在曼彻斯特。据悉,当时这台平板放在乘客的行李箱中,但在飞行中行李倒伏卡住了座椅,随后这台平板就冒出了白烟,飞行员担心飞机安全只好选择迫降。飞机迫降2小时候,德尔塔公司就更换了受影响的座椅,经过一番检查后,飞机再次起飞飞往阿姆斯特丹。同时,美国联邦航空局称已经开始针对该事件进行调查。与Note 7因电池问题爆炸起火不同,这次事件可能是由于环境因素引起的,由于行李倒伏,其中的平板遭到冲击出了问题。三星在官方声明中也表示,这次的平板冒烟事故是由于外力所致。不过,即使这次的黑锅不该三星背,恐怕许多用户也会对三星的设备敬而远之,毕竟此前S7 Edge和Note 2也曾发生过此类事故。因此,这次召回事故受损最大的恐怕就是三星的品牌形象了。相关的主题文章: