Saudi Arabia made a major concession if Iran agreed to freeze the production of Saudi Arabia is will homefront

Saudi Arabia made major concessions: if Iran agreed to freeze production of Saudi Arabia is willing to make major concessions: if the production of Saudi Iran agreed to freeze production of Saudi King Yi Jun was willing to cut the price of oil rose in Iran said it will do our best with oil producing countries to reach a consensus, Reuters quoted 3 to participate in the discussion of the insider said, Saudi Arabia has suggested that if Iran agreed to this year the yield of frozen in 3 million 600 thousand barrels of current days, Saudi Arabia will reduce domestic crude oil production. Iran has yet to accept or reject the offer made this month. After the announcement of the rapid rise in oil prices, WTI crude oil fell by up, Brent crude oil rose rapidly expanded to more than 1%, at $48.17 barrel. However, the source did not disclose if Iran agreed to freeze the production capacity of 3 million 600 thousand barrels a day, the Saudi production rate of. Due to strong demand in summer, Saudi oil production increased since June, in July reached a record high of 10 million 670 thousand barrels a day, in August fell slightly to 10 million 630 thousand barrels a day. From January to May, Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production of about 10 million 200 thousand barrels a day. One of the two sources said that if the agreement is reached, Saudi Arabia’s OPEC allies UAE, Qatar and Kuwait are expected to be reduced accordingly. As the largest oil producing countries in the OPEC, Saudi Arabia will shoulder the biggest reduction task." The news shows that the attitude of Saudi Arabia has changed, before Saudi Arabia has refused to cut production to support oil prices, but choose to defend market share. Algiers informal talks in Iran and Russia have been close at hand, because the market is more and more promoted, feel the cold production may really be able to. Th of this month, OPEC Secretary General Barkindo said in an interview with Bloomberg, Iran will do everything possible to reach a consensus with the oil producing countries in the future. He was satisfied with the assurance of the leaders of Iran. Yesterday, Russia also relaxed tone, deputy energy minister programses sang. Russian Deputy Minister of energy said that Russia’s crude oil production reached 11 million 100 thousand barrels a day is fully realized level, and is expected to soon reach. In theory, Russia can cut production by 5%, the Russian oil production companies have agreed to possible crude oil production control. Then the Russian energy minister Novak also said that Russia to seek constructive dialogue at the OPEC meeting, but Russia has no dialogue on the production of 5%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: