Scott Laplant Proves .puter Guys Do Not Have To Be

Hardware Who says that .puter guys have to be geeks? Not Scott Laplant. Although he is a respected network engineer who has been recognized by his colleagues and employers for the excellence of his work, Scott also lives a full life when he is not sitting in front of a .puter terminal. How many .puter engineers do you know who are active in various sports activities as well as being involved in charity work? Truly, Scott strives to find balance in both his work and personal life, and his range of interests in reflected in the strong online presence he maintains. The blog that he maintains on his personal website reveals some of these interests. His recent posts are on topics as varied as unsolicited credit card offers, the importance of exercising your right of suffrage, why we should set big goals for ourselves and the importance of getting back to the basics such as .mon decency and doing the right thing even if it represents an inconvenience for us. Many of these posts also include a lot of useful information that visitors can use, as well as links that they can click on to learn more about the topics Scott discusses in his posts. In his blog, Swell Chap that Loves Linux, he shares some Linux love with his readers. It is well known that Scott is a supporter of the Ubuntu operating system, based on Linux, and his latest blog posts on this site are about the security vulnerabilities of the latest Ubuntu releases. The posts give useful advice on how to address these vulnerabilities by upgrading your system to the re.mended package versions listed. Yes, it is a highly technical blog, but one filled with practical tips and information for the techie guys out there. This site is truly worthy of a guy who is an active member of the Central Pennsylvania Linux User Group (CPLUG). But he is not just a .puter geek and a blogger; he is also an outdoorsy guy who lists biking and cross-country skiing as among his leisure activities. These interests are reflected in his blog, which offers a wealth of information on outdoor and camping activities. The most recent posts on the site include quizzes on how to indentify .mon wild plants that you can find in the woods and articles on medicinal uses of wild plants and trees, as well as announcements of activities that campers and hikers might be interested in signing up for, such as the Gone Fishin, Not Just Wishing Event which was held last May, and developments of interest such as the vote of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries .mission to give member states the option to extend the 2010 black sea bass season by 90 days. Outside of his online presence, Scott Laplant is also actively involved with groups such as Big Brother Big Sister, the Special Olympics and the Milagro House in Lancaster. His work with these .anizations highlights his determination to give back to his adopted hometown of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: