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Hongkong officials: to deal with the trade protectionism of Hongkong   especially important — Hong Kong — Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported that the Hongkong SAR financial secretary Ceng Junhua 11, said in the online posting, recently attended the G20 summit, many leaders reflect protectionism rising trend in the world, concern facing the impact of the multilateral trading system. He stressed that this issue is particularly important for Hongkong, because Hongkong is a small economy outward, and to defend free trade, and the concerted parties are determined. He believes that only in a stable, open, free flow of capital and talent in the world, Hongkong can give full play to its advantages. Ceng Junhua pointed out that many people expect major economies can put forward practical measures to solve the plight of the economic downturn. Eight years ago, the global economy is still a lack of good enough to Chen, but the European sovereign debt crisis, terrorism and refugee issues, such as the size of the crisis has emerged, dragging down the recovery process. "I believe that only in a stable, open and free flow of capital and talent in the world, we can give full play to the advantages of Hongkong; and it is only in a free and open economy environment, the global economy can really recover, and allow countries to take measures to make different ranks of the society can share the fruits of economic development." In addition, the director of the Hongkong SAR commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang 11, said, "either Spain or Peru, they attach great importance to Hongkong as the" super contact "role, especially in the" The Belt and Road ‘, to help these countries through Hongkong, the development of a road along the country in "area"." He also said that local people agree with Hongkong’s business environment and practices, and the image of Hongkong in the international market is very good. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: