Set a small goal, to a global Sohu about Gudou Spa Tourism

Set a small goal, to about a global Sohu Gudou hot springs tourism [a] two Chuen, the world rare we always a variety of reasons, busy busy learning, want to give yourself to find a place to relax — about a bubble to Gudou hot springs. There are a lot of hot springs in Guangdong, but also has the Ocean Springs (salt springs), radon spring (fresh springs) of the two hot springs is Xinhui Gudou hot springs. In the country and even around the world is one of the world’s largest miracle. Salty hot name sodium chloride spring, containing more than 30 kinds of minerals, including 11 kinds of essential trace elements in the human body. The salty hot spring has the precious health care function, often soak, has the very good effect to the elimination of fatigue, the enhancement physical strength, the promotion metabolism and so on. The hot spring water quality is the same as the hot spring water in, which is a famous ancient light spring in Shaanxi Province, and it is a low mineralized thermal medical mineral with fluorine, metasilicate and radon. Short springs can improve metabolism, eliminate uric acid to reduce blood glucose, diabetes and gout, has the good auxiliary curative effect, after enjoying the hot spring, can clean the skin, remove dirt, make the skin fresh lubrication and pleasure, beauty care and improve blood circulation effect. But here the three side two Avon castle, surrounded by a green breeze, "good Shuiguang glittering sunny side, the rain kept empty mountains are strange". Is a collection of natural scenery, history and culture, entertainment and leisure, fitness activities, business meetings in one of the tourist resort. Yes, the holiday weekend came here to soak a hot spring health beauty. Hot Springs Valley has an area of 100 thousand square meters, from the Tang style, European style, Japanese style hot spring area and spa facilities such as the formation of the theme area of three. Spring Valley hall murals of flying across the lobby, a statue of about two meters out as particularly striking statue of Yang, edge, built a hot stone, there is hot water flowing, people lying on the top, can enjoy the unique taste of the hot stone brings, while accepting the acupoint massage, to achieve fitness effect. Next is the introduction of salty hot springs and the effectiveness of hot springs and hot spring spa scientific steps. Spring Valley in Rome temple, composed of German castle, the bell tower, the Palace of Versailles, Rome temple is European style open-air hot spring pool, the pool with the central water stage, every day wonderful performance. Pool around the beach pool, beach chairs, guests can soak in a hot spring pool or lying on the beach chair, enjoy the leisure time. There is also a food kiosk, a hot spring can be added here after the energy. Gudou hot hillside, set mountains, springs, lakes and sea as a whole, the scenery is beautiful, elegant style. Spring Valley in the hot springs pool in the birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, trees and flowers in hiding. Hot Spring Valley waterfall, SMTH, Beatrice yanran. After the Tang Dynasty style built spa, to the Royal Garden as the background, using the pebbly round pool, pool the warmth of spring, exudes a diffuse heat…… A variety of styles, a variety of shapes, as well as a variety of hot springs pool, to meet your requirements.相关的主题文章: