Setting Goals – Do You Know What You Really

Goal-Setting As a recent participant in an audio webcast about setting goals from a raised belief level, I learned what the power of seeing and believing actually meant. This way of thinking may be especially appealing to the entrepreneur wanting to make a meaningful difference in the success of their business. Right off the bat, Mr. Sen challenged us with, "When we set goals and our mind knows it can achieve it, it is not a vision, it is a to-do list." How often in business have we been guilty of this, by passing off our sure-bets as goal-setting? Too often? Goal Setting .promised In my corporate experience this was the ‘A for Attainment’ element when setting SMART goals. I remember being puzzled by this. Now I see it was basically a process for organizing and managing plans, capacities and responsibilities. It did have some degree of stretch you could financially project. But, since .pensation was tied to the attainment, it bred a certain level of caution. Of course, setting goals was an easier process when you were in a growth business, as I was. What was missing was the emphasis on raising your belief level to bring you and your team into new possibilities and visions. Raising Your Belief Level 80% or more of attaining Success has to do with raising your belief level. The rest are details, responsibly managed, of course. Ask any truly successful entrepreneur. They pursue their goals from a raised belief level, often against the collective minds of others. It is that kind of faith in themselves that creates their success. If they do not succeed the first time, they keep at it until they make success their process. You see, your belief level is a measure of your capacity to want more for your business and your life. And you cannot raise your belief level based on what you think you can get. It demands more of you. It demands that you go beyond your .fort zone. And it demands that you be.e more than you think you are. Knowing What You Really Want Most people know deep inside what they really want, and it is always more than who they are being right now. Yet fear of failure makes most people shove it under the rug and stick with the status quo. So the journey gets aborted before it begins. And the dream gets stuffed beyond recogniton. Yet there exists inside each of us an innate desire to reach out for more joy, more abundance and more love. Ask your heart, "What do you want?" If you answer immediately, it’s probably your mind wanting to take over the response. Let your heart take the lead here. With no want, you have no Vision. And as Tulshi Sen says, "A life without Vision is a blind life. A life without direction is an unloved life." So love yourself and find out what you really want. Then, go for it. Your business will love it too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: