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Shaanxi public security tax office stationed liaison mechanism – Beijing unveiled the new network in September 23 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter Tian Jin) 23, the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Shaanxi Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Shaanxi province held a joint public security tax office stationed liaison mechanism "ceremony, marking the full open tax police depth cooperation police duty joint fight against tax related crimes will become the norm. According to reports, the sound of Shaanxi public security stationed in the national tax, land tax liaison mechanism is an important project to implement the central government to deepen the reform of tax collection and management. Under this mechanism, the tax department to find clues and timely transfer, the public security department to receive fast, according to the case by investigation means, for the first time transfer involved information, joint investigation and evidence collection. The two sides through the system of tax police cooperation, clearly the respective rights and obligations, delimit the boundary of responsibility, standardize the evidence standard, refine the filing document transfer process, effectively construct benign working mechanism of the standardized operation, efficient and pragmatic, complementary advantages. Up to now, Shaanxi has 8 cities have established a public security liaison office of the State Administration of Taxation mechanism. The establishment of tax police liaison mechanism office, marking the full operation of the Shaanxi police stationed in the province’s tax liaison mechanism, public security, tax authorities formed normalization, institutionalization and standardization in the working mechanism, to provide a strong guarantee for the new situation and create a new situation in the two sector in information sharing, joint handling, investigation the cooperation of the evidence. Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau of the person in charge, in recent years, Shaanxi public security, state and local authorities in close cooperation, coordinated operations, cracked a number of major cases, effectively safeguarding the order of taxation. According to statistics, since 2015, the province cracked various tax related criminal cases since 91, administrative penalties 2218 taxpayers, the tax amount of 3 billion 70 million yuan, the criminal punishment involved 107 people, levying tax of 520 million yuan, jointly cracked Yulin "8.31" case of VAT invoices, Baoji pangmou VAT invoices case etc. number and value of the impact of the larger cases, a strong blow to the illegal tax crime. The next step, the Shaanxi provincial public security department, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau will continue to deepen cooperation to consolidate the authority, extend cooperation chain, build information platform, strengthen the exchange of data, in strengthening the tax police force joint handling of relentless efforts, continue to maintain against tax related illegal crime a high pressure situation. (end)相关的主题文章: