Shaking double winner against Liyan Tong Mavis Fan broke the Nicholas Tse depression triangle (

"Shaking" double winner against Liyan Tong Mavis Fan broke the Nicholas Tse depression triangle "break" (Nicholas Tse movie "shaking broken" theme song) by the famous director producer Wilson Yip, Hongkong new director Wu Pinru directed action gangster movie "shaking broken" in October 21st is about to visit the national cinema. In addition to Nicholas Tse, the film side invited Sean Lau two winner to do Acting reputation guarantee, and the new mom Liyan Tong and Mavis Fan young punk challenge hero Shenpan beauty play. It is understood that the movie "shaking broken" tells the story of a reversal of the gangster story: tracking multiple homicide inspection Ma Jin (Nicholas Tse) Che Jiawei and criminal psychologist (Sean Lau ornaments) were treated with terrorists — "the general" (high Weiguang ornaments) organ transplantation, by chance, the car home Wei as a consultant in case of the assistance of a group of horse in the investigation of cases, the relationship between two people die subtle, "general" as a haze shrouded in their life, at the same time, a matter of millions of lives of conspiracy also slowly opened the curtain…… This is the first time Mavis Fan and Nicholas Tse, she changed the rebellious rock on weekdays, the challenge as an understanding wife and loving mother fan children, wife as senior inspector Ma Jin Mo xiu. As everyone knows, Mavis Fan and Nicholas Tse are the famous young outstanding representative of the entertainment circle, two years after the first famous cooperation is full of passion – two people eat the same Hot pot fragment is a simple scene, but the eyes of staggered is full of affection, rely on the eyes will be between husband and wife and delicate emotion behaved most incisive. Mavis Fan said in the making of the film side before the exposure, "Nicholas Tse is a workaholic, and he first time feeling very smooth, very naturally spark." She said in private, "the reality is very serious and not much." In recent years, Liyan Tong, who has a smooth family career, plays an infatuated woman who is devoted to love in the film. In the movie, she thought with Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau three people are the relationship between a mystery, Liyan Tong himself said: "Ma Jin (Nicholas Tse) and Che Jiawei (Sean Lau) by me, they fell into a good cloth." The interaction between her and Nicholas Tse is more confusing. Before the exposure of video materials, it is not difficult to find Liyan Tong’s frequent discharges to Nicholas Tse. Will she play roles in Majin and Moxiu’s model husband and wife like marriage? What kind of choice will Ma Jin make? This intriguing triangular relationship between men and two women, to know the truth, have to go to the cinema a look.

《惊天破》双影帝对决 佟丽娅范晓萱谢霆锋陷三角恋 谢霆锋《冲破》(电影《惊天破》主题曲) 由著名导演叶伟信监制、香港新晋导演吴品儒执导的动作警匪电影《惊天破》即将于10月21日登陆全国院线。片方除了邀请来谢霆锋、刘青云两大影帝做演技口碑保证外,还有新晋辣妈佟丽娅和朋克女青年范晓萱挑战英雄身畔的美人担当。据了解,电影《惊天破》讲述了一个多重反转的警匪追踪故事:重案组督查马进(谢霆锋 饰)与犯罪心理学家车家伟(刘青云 饰)分别接受恐怖分子——“将军”(高伟光 饰)的器官移植,机缘巧合下,车家伟作为顾问进入重案组协助马进调查案件,两人之间关系微妙,死去的“将军”如阴霾般笼罩着他们的生活,与此同时,一个关乎百万人性命的惊天阴谋也缓缓揭开了帷幕……这是范晓萱与谢霆锋的第一次合作,她一改平日里摇滚叛逆的形象,挑战贤妻良母范儿,饰演高级督察马进的妻子莫秀。众所周知,范晓萱和谢霆锋是娱乐圈里年少成名的杰出代表,两人成名多年后的首次合作堪称激情四射——两人同吃火锅的片段虽是简单场景,但目光交错间全是深情,光靠眼神便将夫妻间的细腻情感表现得淋漓尽致。在片方之前曝光的制作特辑中,范晓萱透露:“谢霆锋是个工作狂,与他第一次合作感觉很顺,很自然便碰撞出火花。”她更在私下表示:“现实中霆锋工作非常认真,平时话也不多。”近年来家庭事业一帆风顺的佟丽娅在电影中饰演一个为爱献身的痴情女子。电影里,她与谢霆锋、刘青云三人心思难测,关系成谜,佟丽娅本人也表示:“马进(谢霆锋)和车家伟(刘青云)利用了我,掉进了他们布好的一个局。”她与谢霆锋之间的互动更是扑朔迷离,此前曝光的视频物料中不难发现佟丽娅对谢霆锋频频放电,她所饰演的角色是否会介入马进和莫秀模范夫妻般的婚姻生活?马进又将做出怎样的选择?这一男二女间的三角关系耐人寻味,欲知真相,还得去影院一探究竟。相关的主题文章: