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Shandong Chengwu several villagers refused to loan arrested: did not get trapped by the Sohu news as of August 27th, Shandong province south of Chengwu County town of Lu Bao Yanji and other 5 villagers are still being held in detention centers in Chengwu county. 14 days ago, they and 6 other villagers, Yan Kun was a bus pulled into the Chengwu County Detention center. Chengwu Wenshang County Court is responsible for responding to a reporter Qian Jie said that 5 people were not fulfill the court decision, also refused loans by the judicial custody. The villagers said that they nearly one million yuan loan was the original town of South Road, credit unions, the customer manager Zang Linfeng interception misappropriation, they did not get the loan, it is reluctant to repay. Zang Linfeng has now been credit cooperatives had to terminate the contract by the police on suspicion of illegal loans on the grounds of detention, after the people’s Procuratorate to the fact is unclear, the grounds of insufficient evidence has not been arrested. Many of the 80 thousand loans Chengwu Rural Commercial Bank branch of the south door hanging banners over 400 million yuan deposit. The 11 men went to Beijing by train on the morning of August 11th. Two days ago in August 9th, the Chengwu County Credit Union sued Yan Qiankun case just out of the court, the court did not in court for sentencing. Yan Kun lived Nan Lu Zhen Yan Tang cun. At the beginning of 2014, he was prepared in Ji’nan at the site of a contract with friends, but lack of funds on hand, they think in the South Lu town (now credit loans for the restructuring of Chengwu County Rural Commercial Bank South Branch), was ready to loan sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan". In March 14th of that year, Yan Qiankun and friends came to find the South Town of credit cooperatives, credit cooperatives for the loan account manager Zang Linfeng to apply for loans, and provide identity cards, marriage certificate, account of this, and the two guarantor’s ID card and other materials. According to regulations, credit union staff to verify the borrower’s ability to repay the lender and the guarantor’s ability to guarantee. But in March 16th of that year in the morning, yet to see the investigators, Yan Qiankun received a phone call from Zang Linfeng, "he said the loan applications have come down, let me take the money". After receiving the call, immediately rushed to Yan Kun credit cooperatives, see Zang Linfeng. The conversation recordings show that Raymond Lam Zang has repeatedly said that he gave more Yan Qiankun loan of 80 thousand yuan for credit cooperatives turnover interest, "as long as a month on". Yan Qiankun requested Zang Linfeng to give the name of credit cooperatives to write a receipt as proof, Raymond Lam Zang said, "with my name on it, than the nominal credit cooperatives strong". But then Zang Linfeng also called the 80 thousand yuan for the internal transfer of credit unions, because it had to turn the two (loan) households due". Zang Linfeng repeatedly told Yan Kun, many loans out of this 80 thousand yuan is the use of credit cooperatives, and let rest assured, will not get him into the blacklist. Yan Zang asked Raymond Lam "you Qiankun, credit interest in turn?" Can not get up, over 3 months, can not come to this is their own people, are aware of, or they will not give them, Zang Raymond Lam replied, mainly to turn this loan, only to get the money". Yan Kun also asked Zang Linfeng why he didn’t come to his house to investigate, Zang Raymond Lam said, "investigation of what credit cooperatives are aware of their use of money, not your money, this is red相关的主题文章: