Shanghai concluded many ships operating loan contract dispute amount over 400 million – in the new n-tinyos

Shanghai concluded many ships operating loan contract dispute amount over 400 million – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai August 25th news (reporter Huang Anqi) Shanghai shipping finance professional maritime court collegial panel recently heard from a number of ships operating loan contract dispute case, because of the huge amount of money involved, complicated legal relationship caused much attention. Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale Sino foreign joint venture leasing company, the shipping industry is one of its core business. 2012, Fuzhou, a Shipping Co and the Far East international consultations several times, Shipping Co eventually borrowed 24 million yuan to the Far East International, for the company to pay the purchase of the ship. Two the company signed a loan contract in early 2013, the Far East International bank entrusted loans issued by banks. The agreed loan agreement, by the Far East International has paid the loan two times, the Fuzhou Shipping Co in 60 repayment period of loan interest; borrowers will purchase a new ship as collateral property, at the same time the loan by two other Shipping Co, four guarantor joint liability guarantee. However, due to the continued downturn in the global shipping market, poor management of Fuzhou Shipping Co repeatedly overdue repayment, and in the thirty-third period and then no payment. To this end, the Far East International Shipping Co in April 2016 will be in Fuzhou and a series of joint liability guarantee people to the Shanghai maritime court. After trial, the full court of the case verdict, the defendant Fuzhou Shipping Co to pay the principal and interest of the loans of nearly 8 million yuan, the other defendants assume joint responsibility. Shanghai maritime court of shipping finance professional collegial panel was established in December 2015, specializing in ship finance lease, ship mortgage loans, marine insurance, ship operating loans and other types of disputes. Since its inception, the collegial panel accepted the operation of the ship loan contract disputes 38, the number of cases rose by 123.53%, the subject of litigation totaling 4.74 million yuan, the highest a target amount of nearly 80 million yuan. According to the shipping finance professional full court presiding judge Zhang Liang introduction, the case has four characteristics, one is the number, amount, loan guarantee, mortgage contract, there are a variety of complex legal relationship; the two is the lack of solvency, the plaintiff applies for arrest of ship in a high proportion of pre litigation and litigation; the three is the plaintiff in the mortgage of the mortgaged property is overvalued, making the case execution rate is slightly lower; four is borrowing the lack of effective supervision, not part of the loan according to the contract for the operation of the ship.相关的主题文章: