[Shanghai] Dongfangluzhou resort Dianshan Lake farm food and Sohu seaway

[Shanghai] Dongfangluzhou resort Dianshan Lake Farm – Sohu and author: He Shulun Qingpu (video record ruminate 23 seconds, please, must be sure to connect WiFi!) Qingpu district is located in the west of Shanghai, the lower reaches of Taihu, the upper reaches of Huangpu river. The water area of the region accounted for 22.1% of the total area, located in the northwest of Dianshan Lake, is the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai city. In the region there are national key cultural relics protection units of fuquanshan ruins, Songze ancient cultural sites, old Qingpu, the former residence of Chen Yun, Panlong town and Zhujiajue town town attractions. Located in Qingpu oriental land covers an area of 5600 acres, is a large park in Shanghai, the only set of expansion of training, social practice, youth team activities and leisure tourism as one of the. In January 2016, the National Tourism Bureau and the environmental protection department to identify Shanghai city Dongfangluzhou scenic area is a national demonstration area of ecological tourism. Oriental land near the Dianshan Lake water protection area in the upper reaches of the Huangpu River, 30 km radius no factories, area is three times as large as the Century Park, the air quality is very good. In recent years, Qingpu is to protect the environment, closed the local golf course. The Oriental resort is located in the scenic area, is the first choice of many enterprises and training meeting. To Dongfangluzhou, in addition to the "wash", "stomach", more Qingpu is not only the origin of Zizania Liantang, more rich white fish, white shrimp and crabs in Dianshan lake. Oriental resort restaurant in Qingpu local small famous, mainly in vegetable farm and Dianshan Lake fresh, even in a ten day reception guests, the chef can do every meal dishes are different. The old old cylinder cylinder paella paella is done, the waiter put the pot on the table, it is said that diners eat more interactive. Rice choose Qingpu modern agricultural park’s green healthy rice frog, without pesticides in the planting process, because in the paddy tiger mosquito Frog eats insects, the price is as high as 50 yuan a catty. A vessel is imported from Japan pot, good sealing performance, good insulation properties, alcohol lamp burning pot below; the old cylinder Dongfangluzhou pickled meat is a resort, with a little sweet; pour well washed rice, in the pan old cylinder of meat and vegetable and mineral water, cover the pot and simmer for thirty wood minutes on it. Lift the lid and then spoon the rice, vegetables and meat stir can eat, but also the bottom of the pot boiled out of the savory crisp crust. The marinated pickled cabbage – made small pig ears jianggua ^ ^ ^ ^ Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs fried fish white shrimp – Dianshan Lake on a table with a bumper grain harvest a bumper grain harvest, harvest festival feeling, there is a basin of yam, peanut, corn, pumpkin and potato He Zi. "Inside the mysterious" chicken "bread" chicken ", is a Chinese and Western dish, the outside is sweet bread with a knife, all from the original which is the chicken, the full absorption of the super delicious gravy bread. Chapter 3相关的主题文章: