Shanghai police busted and outflanking underground casino and seized homemade firearms in Beijing popkart

Shanghai police busted and outflanking underground casino and seized homemade guns – China news agency new network Shanghai on 1 November, three surrounded by water and land access only a anshao, equipped with guns, knives and crossbow cowboys…… The day before the Shanghai police dispatched more than 50 police officers and encirclement, destroyed an underground casino. 1 reporter learned from the Shanghai police, the police gambling scene and arrested 35 people, seized homemade guns, knives, crossbows. Behind the casino boss boss, pay, Wang, including 11 gang members, have been under criminal detention by the police according to law. In October 9th, informants laoliang alarm call, Pudong New Area Sichuan six Mao Mao farmhouse in the road there is an underground gambling dens. After the alarm, Pudong Public Security Bureau Chuansha district headquarters quickly launched a preliminary investigation found that the farmhouse is located in Pudong New Area six Sichuan Road No. 178, covers an area of over 40 acres, backed by the Pudong canal, close to the north and south sides of two tributaries of the river, and the underground gambling dens were reported only one meter away from the Pudong canal. Pudong canal length of about 36 km, around Pudong New Area, north of the Yangtze River, North and South Shanghai is an important shipping artery. The police told the media that the three dens surrounded by water and farm on both sides of shrub clouds, there are walls of isolation foreigners entering the entire farm, only one door and out. "They are the Pudong canal as a natural barrier, let the police not to enter, but also can use the water to escape." All-weather monitoring by the police found that the dens start at 14 pm every day, until the night. There is a play called "28 bar" single board, at least 100 yuan (RMB, same below), 1000 yuan cap. The heavily-guarded, someone with a crossbow, knives for "town scene". In order to destroy the dens, Pudong police mobilized more than 50 police officers, including 10 Swat, attack from land and sea to outflank. In October 14th 16, gambling staff have gathered from six Sichuan Road to the farm, the casino opened. Just over 17, as the commander of the order, 10 SWAT assault boat ride a 3 seconds, landing window, rushed into the room, blocking the river side of the door. The land on the farm gate, 5 police arrested two door sentry officer". Subsequently, 3 transport vehicles loaded with 30 police officers, will be surrounded by the casino. Earlier SWAT team members from the water into the house quickly after the soldiers into three points, the implementation of the control of the site staff. The casino behind the boss daimou, Fumou arrested on the spot, the remaining 8 carrying homemade guns, crossbows, cutter cowboys and 25 gamble personnel were arrested on the spot. A few days after the casino, another behind the boss Wang in Jiading arrested crossing. A preliminary investigation by the police, during the peak period of the casino gambling number up to more than and 80 people. Currently, 11 members of the gang have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: