Shanghai police to disclose the first grab hat manipulation of the securities market case – the new

Shanghai police disclosed the first "grab the hat" stock market manipulation case – Beijing [] Xinmin Xinmin Evening News? Television stock program, "guests" to the stock market, stocks change analysis of WeChat, QQ group closely reasoned and well argued; all, "masters" recommended "Niugu" also as iron mouth straight broken, full of confidence. Few people would think, if these "experts", "master" can accurately predict the trend, why not muffled fortune, but "national" the opportunity to make money advertised? Shanghai police announced this morning in Shanghai since the first grab a hat for stock market manipulation case, "stock fans" is undoubtedly a wake-up call: some "experts" recommendation is likely to be the "banker" digging, they use the media authority for their endorsement, the use of "fans" trust "harvest leek", he gets profiteering. In 2012, a securities company broker Zhu feel hard to pull customers buying and selling securities earn commission income is too low, and extremely unstable, it happened at this time, a financial channel stock program Zhu family love to watch, released recruitment advertising Guping guests, Zhu immediately cast her beautification resume. Through the program group after the interview, Zhu smooth sit on the stock program guest host seat, from the beginning of his "master" Zhu teacher "occupation career. Zhu not only regular on the show with analysis of stock market and stock, also often attend lectures or programs under the line will meet. By 2013, Zhu has been quite popular in the circle of investors. Zhu from a large number of fans who saw the opportunity to make money". Every time he participated in the program that day, the stock market opening, Zhu are optimistic about the stock from the selected one, then the idea about the stock recommendations or comments, such as plate prospects, good news, and then use the multiple securities account to buy a lot of the stocks. After all, Zhu shut the computer, took out a shirt and a suit, dress properly after rushing out the door, rushed to the TV station, broadcast in the evening stock program. The TV program, Zhu according to plan in advance, they will buy a lot of stock in the majority of the audience to comment and recommendation, watching the show’s audience, especially the elderly audience, listening to the guests on the market and stock comments, will follow the trend of buying stock recommendations. They did not think that the eyes of the "experts" in the recommended stocks, until a large audience raised the price to buy high-quality stocks, will immediately throw away the so-called "in his mouth". When the audience is still waiting for these stocks as guests in the same "strong rise", "experts" have "pours". There are always things brought to light the day. "Zhu master" fans, people began to follow the master found there was "unfair", step by step and report to the relevant departments. Shanghai public security department received a report after the investigation found that from March 2013 to August 2014, the suspect Zhu served as a securities broker company, the actual control of a securities account, take on many stocks advance Jiancang buy after the investment in the same day or the next day in a stock program for these public stock assessment and prediction) or相关的主题文章: