Sheenah Zhang Jie jealous over coax her to coax a child like-sweets parade

Sheenah Zhang Jie: jealous over coax her like to coax a child Sina entertainment news on September 11th in the afternoon, my song "ah" program recording in Beijing, the fans look forward to the three quarter of Zhang Jie [micro-blog] finally in the third quarter ending soon when Sheenah appeared on the show with [micro-blog] chimera was recorded. The interaction between two people did not disappoint, not only came after a close embrace, after Sheenah also imitate Zhang Jie singing little habits, in the know of the difficulty is the most difficult period of the three quarter of the time did not forget to show "condemnation", the whole model is not many. Forget to protect her husband, the mad dog single. Fit the sugar all over vinegar jar in the abuse of Sheenah that since the three quarter of this field is a most difficult period, Sheenah immediately to the program group "denounce" too difficult, but Zhang Jie is a face relaxed said "this was fun." After recording the whole process, the two men are also constantly crying and crying a single dog. When Zhang Jie and "Kam Music Group" members Yuri Huang on, Sheenah is directly over jealous "threat" Yuri Huang "this is the last time you appear on the stage!" But compared to Sheenah’s jealousy full, see Sheenah and Zhang Jie in the interactive foreign male model, and did not mind even heart wide said "I think someone outside of you good protection." Sheenah. The workload to coax her to coax a child like when reason when it comes to their own until the third quarter started to participate in the program recording, Zhang Jie said that because the schedule has not been right before, until now there is time to participate in the recording, but also the most fun thing this show is this month. As for Sheenah’s performance in the program, said Zhang Jie had heard the name of the program when it felt that it was tailored to the program for the show, but also through the program to see the growth of the of the. He also revealed that the life of Sheenah is a very considerate of all people, but also want to bring all the happiness to everyone, so sometimes to see such a hard work when he was very sad Sheenah. But this is what Sheenah likes, so it will not interfere, only hope that she can consider themselves. Sheenah was asked if she would be a lot of pressure when she decompression, Zhang Jie said that the character of Sheenah is very like a child, so she can be coaxed as a child. (Ran Xiao Intern) (commissioning editor: Rolls Royce)相关的主题文章: