Shenzhen 3 a serious lead poisoning food and drug administration to find out

Shenzhen 3 a serious lead poisoning food and Drug Administration found recently, the media reported that the 3 Shenzhen children due to the use of fake rhinitis nasal spray "nasal fluid" drug caused severe lead poisoning cases, found the report, the Bureau attaches great importance to the case immediately checked. The case in May 2016, the Shenzhen Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau Nanshan Bureau received public complaints, reflecting the 3 infants in Nanshan District claimed that the "old Chinese medicine treatment of rhinitis rhinitis treatment shop" after a few days, medication appears a variety of adverse reactions, the medical institution for the diagnosis of blood lead exceeding standard. After receiving the report, Nanshan Bureau immediately investigated the products involved in the shop, and initially judged that the products involved were labeled with traditional Chinese medicine preparations, indications, usage and dosage characteristics, but no drug approval number, belonging to counterfeit drugs. In May 24, 2016, the Nanshan Bureau of Shenzhen food and Drug Administration and the Nanshan Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen held a meeting on investigating and treating cases, and worked out a joint case handling program. In May 31st, Nanshan Public Security Bureau issued a registration decision, formally filing. In June 1st, the case of joint action group divided into four teams, four counterfeit sales point to is located in Baoan, Longhua and Dongguan Nanshan, Changping city at the same time attack, successfully seized "Biyankangfu cream" and "rhinitis lotion" and "nose liquid and fake 106, seized on the solution for the production of counterfeit drugs 220 the other branch, potassium sorbate, ethanol and other raw materials tens of kilograms, involving the value of about 50 thousand yuan. In June 2nd, Nanshan Public Security Bureau officially arrested Wei Chengwang and other 5 suspects who made fake drugs. After testing, heavy metals exceeded the drug standards higher. Although it is used for external use, it will cause great harm to human body after absorption through skin contact. After investigating the case, the city food and drug administration immediately organized a serious investigation in the city, in addition to the sales point involved, did not find other sales of the series of counterfeit drugs. The public can call to complain and report, in order to protect the drug safety of the general public, our city food and Drug Administration will further strengthen the supervision of drug safety. The first is to strengthen the daily supervision of drug safety, further implementation of grid supervision, the market inventory, to prevent the "rhinitis rehabilitation cream", "rhinitis repair liquid", "nose fluid" and other products in the market circulation. At the same time, increase the use of instruments for medical institutions private clinics, beauty salons and other life daily supervision, especially the combination of regional location is more crowded, urban and rural areas. Once found illegal products, immediately investigated and dealt with, eliminate security risks. Secondly, increase the crackdown on drug safety criminal acts. Focus on large consumption, security risks of key products, key areas, centralized efforts to carry out special rectification, severely punish illegal crimes. Focus on the regulation of manufacturing and selling counterfeit drugs, the sale of counterfeit drugs, illegal Internet Internet cosmetics false drug information, illegal use of restricted substances, illegal advertising and the masses of illegal behavior. To strengthen the convergence of the two laws ", to improve the combat efficiency. Third, to further strengthen drug safety knowledge propaganda. Make full use of WeChat, micro-blog and other new media platforms, as well as traditional television, newspaper media to the society for safe medication knowledge propaganda. Carry out multiform and multi-channel in depth.

深圳3个娃严重铅中毒 食药监局查出原因近日,有媒体报道了3名深圳儿童因使用伪劣鼻炎喷鼻剂“通鼻液”等药导致重度铅中毒等情况,发现相关报道后,我局高度重视,立刻对有关案件进行了核查。案件情况2016年5月,深圳市食药监管局南山局接到群众投诉举报,反映有3名幼儿在南山区某宣称“老中医治疗鼻炎”的店面治疗鼻炎后,用药几天即出现多种不良反应,经医疗机构诊断为血铅超标。收到举报后,南山局立即对该店面的涉案产品进行调查,并初步判断涉案产品均标示有中药制剂、功能主治、用法用量等药品特征描述,但无药品批准文号,属于假药。2016年5月24日,深圳市食药监管局南山局和深圳市南山公安分局召开案件查处工作会议,制定了联合办案工作方案。5月31日,南山公安分局出具立案决定书,正式立案。6月1日,案件联合行动组分四队,对位于南山、宝安、龙华及东莞常平市的四个假药销售点同时进行打击,成功查获“鼻炎康复膏”、“鼻炎修护液”、“通鼻液”等假药106支,查获用于生产上述假药的原液220支,其他山梨酸钾、乙醇等原料几十公斤,涉案货值约5万元。6月2日,南山公安分局正式刑拘韦成旺等5名涉嫌制售假药犯罪嫌疑人。经检测,涉案药品重金属超标较高。虽为外用药品,但通过皮肤接触吸收后,仍会对人体造成较大危害。案件查办后,我市食药监管局立刻在全市范围内组织进行了认真排查,除涉案销售点外,未发现其他经营该系列假药的销售点。市民可拨打电话投诉举报为保障广大市民的药品安全,我市食药监管局将进一步加强对药品安全的监管。首先是加强药品安全日常监管,进一步推行网格化监管,对市场进行清查,防止“鼻炎康复膏”、“鼻炎修护液”、“通鼻液”等产品在市场上流通。同时,加大对私人门诊部、生活美容院等医疗机构使用药械的日常监管力度,尤其是位置较偏、人员密集的城乡结合部区域。一旦发现违法产品,立即予以查处,消除安全隐患。其次,加大对药品安全违法犯罪行为的打击力度。对消费量大、安全隐患多的重点产品、重点区域,集中力量开展专项整治,严惩重处违法犯罪。重点整治制售假劣药、互联网销售假药、互联网发布非法虚假药品信息、化妆品非法使用禁限用物质、违法广告等群众反映强烈的违法违规行为。加强“两法衔接”,提高打击效率。第三,进一步加强药品安全知识宣传。充分利用微信、微博等新媒体平台,以及传统的电视、报纸媒体向社会进行安全用药知识宣传。深入开展多形式、多渠道、图文并茂的互动活动。完善药品安全信息发布机制,及时发布药品安全监管信息,逐步提高市民用药安全健康知识和消费维权意识。市民和媒体如发现药品安全违法行为,可拨打12331投诉举报。相关的主题文章: