Shenzhen in the construction of a 42 story fire no casualties (Figure)

Shenzhen in the construction of a 42 story fire no casualties (Figure) fire sprinkler. Ao Zhuoqian taken fire scene prepared to meet the challenge. Chen Wen photo original title: Shenzhen Nanshan, a senior real estate construction in fire evacuation of 135 people trapped in Beijing, November 2 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Chen Wen) Shenzhen city police fire brigade official micro-blog 1 evening news release, the same day at 19:58, Shenzhen Nanshan District Qiaoxiang Road on the surface of a swan Fort high-rise fire in construction projects, the fire department dispatched more than and 2 fire trucks, more than 110 fire officers and soldiers to rescue, 21:45, the fire was completely extinguished. The firemen step by step search, and final confirmation and construction, a total of 135 people evacuated, yet found casualties. Allegedly, the fire scene for the 42 layer in the construction of real estate, the 24 layer has two points. After the alarm, 119 command center immediately mobilized, Xili, Nantou, Zhuzilin, and Xixiang fire squadron 64 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, dispatched 101 meters ladders and other types of 15 fire engines. Officers and soldiers are being carried out rescue operations. Subsequently, the Shenzhen fire brigade headquarters attendance at the scene, and strengthen emergency deployment of reinforcements. Soon, the scene to 22 fire engines, fire officers and soldiers to more than 110. Two sets of fire control vehicles in the external control of the fire spread. Firefighters carry rescue equipment, to walk upstairs, the attack layer search investigation. To 21:45, the fire was completely extinguished. At 22:10 PM, reporters on the scene saw the two high pressure fire gun continuous rescue fire, found no fire. West Qiaoxiang road traffic control, vehicle personnel are banned, around a large number of security personnel to maintain order. According to witnesses, the fire building is one of the New Swan Stone Castle in the building, the building is in the decoration stage, the cause of the fire and casualties is not clear. At 22:30 PM, a fire truck to stop the fire sprinkler, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: