Shenzhen today to cancel the license plate number for license plate number selection to 50 1- punyu

Shenzhen today to cancel the license plate number for   license plate number selection to 50 1– car — original title: Shenzhen today to cancel the license plate number, license plate auction to 50 1 Shenzhen Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Cui Ningning Liu Ming) reporter yesterday from Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau, for further specification for vehicle pick business, Shenzhen city vehicle will be officially opened today in a unified national version of vehicle pick software. Pick the new system will cancel the license plate auction site selection mode from the 10 selected 1 to 50 pick 1, pick pool are unified in the city vehicle administration office point. Deputy chief of the vehicle management department of Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau Liu Jun said the opening of the new vehicle license plate after the upgrade of the selection methods will have four major changes: one is the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau upgrade chariotest pipe originally obtained license plate through the auction way to cancel the business system; two is chosen on the site for the 50 1 is three; Shenzhen City, a unified pool; four is the change in the way. Enable selection after the new system, will not be able to receive iron cards, the owners need to register at the scene by the mailing address, postal departments will be sent to the car owner in the iron card or the designated place. If you do not choose to mail, you can also apply to the business place to receive. At the same time, Liu Jun is still the scene, Shenzhen vehicle license plate to provide free installation, owners can install the license plate itself, all the plates will be mailed home, by postal personnel to provide on-site installation services. In addition, Liu Jun reminded the public, "the provisions of the abolition of license plate auction" is often said that the cancellation of the auction and the auction of vehicle beautiful card, this incremental index is different. "Bidding increment index" is popular in terms of want to get the license plate, needs to go to the transportation department auction vehicle index, in obtaining indicators, in order to select the vehicle license plate number, there is no change, so we still need to get the license plate auction. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: