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Shenzhou eleven successful landing astronauts on the way home to talk about what? The Shenzhou eleven capsule after landing, the staff of the capsule for disposal of the Xinhua News Agency "after 33 days, they go home! On the way home, astronauts are chatter of what? Chen Dong: (gasping, laughing) the pressure is very big…… Jing Haipeng: (panting) Yes, the load is quite large…… Ready to open the umbrella ah! Chen Dong: all right……. Jing Haipeng: it’s a little too low. Chen Dong: a little more! Jing Haipeng: prepare the report: "Shenzhou eleven report: normal state". Chen Dong: all right! Shenzhou eleven report: normal state. Complete! After opening the main umbrella…… Jing Haipeng: fasten your seat belt. Chen Dong: ok! Jing Haipeng: energy system is more compact and more tight. Chen Dong: all right, it’s on the line! Jing Haipeng: seat lift, ready! Chen Dong: ok! (force) Jing Haipeng: put your hands away! The seat belt is tight! Chen Dong: it was a little tight, OK! Jing Haipeng: physical exertion, body fit (seat), physical exertion. Chen Dong: understand! According to the central reduction of the "home" of the road – 13:11 Shenzhou eleven spacecraft received the Beijing space flight control center return instruction, the orbital module and return capsule successfully separated. Since then, the return module starts the brake return procedure and begins to return to the ground. About 30 minutes later, return to the main landing area of the cabin to check the scope of search. After returning to the cabin at 13:59, it gradually slowed down with the help of the parachute and the engine. Air and ground search and rescue teams arrived at the landing point for the first time, to carry out the rescue of astronauts and return capsule disposal. Subsequently, the astronauts Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong after examination and confirm the normal physical condition, in the search and rescue personnel with the help of the cabin, the Shenzhou eleven flight by group safe return. At 14:37 the manned space engineering director Zhang Youxia announced: Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned flight mission success. Last night, Jing Haipeng Chen Dong flew from Inner Mongolia to Beijing Ping an. Two astronauts will enter the medical isolation period, a comprehensive medical examination and health assessment, and arrange for recuperation. "Home" after the first meal, two astronauts returning from the cabin to the helicopter, although the distance is only 100 meters, although the semi reclining position, but two people have been with you all in the wave, so the two astronauts state is very good. The two astronauts will be on the plane to eat the first meal after the return, according to the reporter, the staff prepared a small Steamed Buns, Hanamaki, Steamed Rice, mushroom stewed chicken, stewed mutton, white radish pickles, shredded potato etc.. Jing Haipeng opened the door – independent close-up winter Inner Mongolia Siziwangqi A Mu Lang ancient prairie a quiet, only the voice of the wind. 8 rescue helicopters and a large number of ground rescue workers prepared to meet the challenge. As the ship started to return to the braking process, the first 5 helicopters quickly lifted to the theoretical landing point. According to the main landing site headquarters about the leadership of the 5 helicopters in the theoretical landing point as the center of the 36× 36 km over the corner of the area on standby four. As early as in the air waiting for the 2 UAVs and fixed wing aircraft, in accordance with the instructions are also flying to standby airspace in the 1. This is our country in.相关的主题文章: