Shishi, a pair of brothers for the dead father brother injured brother jailed for melee property tsumori chisato

Shishi, a pair of brothers for the dead father brother injured brother jailed for melee real estate news network November 15th Shishi Fujian a pair of brothers, to inherit his father left the property disputes and caused melee. Yesterday, Shishi court first instance entered into force, the defendant Wu Ji (alias) committed intentional injury, sentenced to detention for 5 months. 54 year old Wu Ji, Shishi people, primary school culture, 10 years ago, traffic accident crime was sentenced by Jinjiang court for a year and a half, suspended for two years. According to the introduction, Wu Ji father has three men and a woman, Wu Ji ranking eldest brother, his father in Shishi, Phoenix Street Town Road has set of real estate. In 2012, due to the transformation of the area, the house was demolished. Last February 11th, the father passed away, who left no inheritance. Last December 7th at 3 pm, several brothers to the Li Li Street office mediation. Samuel Wu Cheng (pseudonym) said that before the mediation to two sister-in-law, his father has houses among him, and his father was sick all in his care, two brothers did not care, he also paid medical expenses. But this statement was denied by Wu Ji, the eldest brother. After Wu also said that he and his younger brother Wu Cheng used the name that they give up the right of inheritance. The two brothers caused a quarrel, until physical conflict. Brother Wu Jiyi to punch Samuel lips, the two front teeth fell to the ground. Then, Wu Cheng called the police. Shishi police filed, after identification, Wu Cheng damage degree belongs to minor injury two level. According to the court trial of Shishi, Wu Ji intentionally made unlawful injury to the health of others and caused a slight injury to two persons. His act constituted the crime of intentional injury, and the above-mentioned judgment was made. (reporter Li Changqian correspondent Cheng Genglun Huang Zijie sea)

石狮一对亲兄弟为争亡父房产互殴 弟受伤哥获刑   闽南网11月15日讯 石狮一对亲兄弟,为继承父亲留下的房产发生纠纷并引发互殴。昨日,石狮法院一审生效,被告人吴继(化名)犯故意伤害罪,被判处拘役5个月。   54岁的吴继,石狮人,小学文化,10年前因犯交通肇事罪被晋江法院判刑一年半,缓刑二年。据介绍,吴继父亲育有三男一女,吴继排行老大,其父在石狮凤里街道镇中路有套房产。2012年,因片区改造,该房屋被拆迁。去年2月11日,父亲去世,留下的遗产未指定由谁继承。   去年12月7日下午3时许,兄弟几人到凤里街道办事处调解。三弟吴承(化名)称,调解前向两位嫂子说明,父亲生前已将安置房分给他,且父亲生病时都是他在照顾,两个哥哥都没有照料,医疗费也是他支付。   但这一说法遭到大哥吴继的否认。吴继还称,吴承冒用他和二弟的名字,谎称他们放弃继承权。兄弟俩由此引发口角,直至发生肢体冲突。大哥吴继一拳打到三弟嘴唇,致其两颗门牙掉落地上。随后,吴承报警。石狮警方立案后,经鉴定,吴承损伤程度属于轻伤二级。   经石狮法院审理认为,吴继故意非法损害他人身体健康,致一人轻伤二级,其行为构成故意伤害罪,遂作出上述判决。(海都记者 李昌乾 通讯员 程耕轮 黄子杰 )相关的主题文章: