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Business Many people dont understand how important cover letters are. A cover letter is to a resume like pre-heating is to an oven. Sure, there is a possibility that things will turn out right, but it is a very slim possibility. A good cover letter should always precede your resume. It doesnt have to be complex or very detailed. As a matter of fact, most amazing cover letters are the simple ones that are easy to read and cover the main points. There really is no reason not to do a cover letter. As a matter of fact, there are so many resources available at your fingertips; not doing a cover letter can be looked at as being lazy. Several questions arise when discussing cover letters. I will answer some of the main ones here. Should You Do Cover Letters When Applying for a Job? One of the main questions most job seekers ask is should they do cover letters when applying for a job. The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Why are cover letters important? Cover letters are the first thing that most employers look at. As a former interviewer, I looked forward to seeing the cover letters more than I did the resumes. What Do They Say About the Applicant? Cover letter for resumes say a lot about the applicant before the resume is even looked at. It can tell the employer several things about the future employee like: What kind a person she is, how good of a communicator is she, can she get to the point but make sure all areas are covered, also can is she attentive to details. A resume cover letter can say a lot about a person. Do Employers Really Look at Cover Letters? Believe it or not, most employers dont look at resumes if they dont come with a cover letter. A cover letter is a summary of the resume. It is the prelude. It determines if looking at the resume is even worth it. If Cover Letters are Important, Why Dont Most People Do Them? Most people dont know how to do a cover letter. Believe it or not, cover letters are simple. One doesnt need to spend a lot of time when writing a cover letter. However, there is key information that should be included. Where Can I Find Cover Letter Examples or Cover Letter Templates? Go on the Internet and type in cover letter examples or resume cover letters and you will more than likely get thousands of good leads. There are even some websites that create cover letters for you in a matter of minutes. This is good if you want to do it quick and make it look good and you do not mind paying a little for that service. Bottom LineIf you are serious about applying for a job and think you can send in your resume and get considered, you are taking a big gamble. Without a cover letter, there is a possibility that the employer wont even see your resume. It may get lost in the pile of the other hundreds of good resumes from people seeking a job. The cover letter has the potential of separating you from the crowd. Take it seriously. It may be all you need to get your foot in the door of great employment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: