Show evil — Japanese war crimes under the Sun Chemical curtain Heilongjiang – Beijing

"Show" evil — Japanese war crimes under the Sun Chemical Heilongjiang curtain – Beijing, China News Agency, Harbin, September 17 (reporter Liu Xiju) 17 days, "show" evil — Japanese war crimes under the Sun Chemical Museum in the Northeast martyrs memorial. The exhibition through a large number of historical photos and pictures, showing the Japanese invaders chemical weapons testing, chemical warfare crime and harming the people of Japan postwar, China litigation and other related historical facts. In September 18, 1931, the Japanese militarists launched a brutal shock of the "918" incident, China people were enslaved, and fought, fought and won the great victory of the war the whole nation. Since then, the "918" incident became the starting point of the war of resistance against Japan and opened the prelude to the world anti fascist war. 17 days, reporters on the scene, the exhibition is divided into "the international community is the prohibition of chemical weapons efforts" and "Japanese chemical warfare" and "Japanese invaders chemical warfare" and "the legacy of the post-war Japanese chemical weapons" and "difficult jacws victims of litigation" in five parts, including a total of more than 200 pieces photos, pictures and charts. At the scene of a picture of panels, the Japanese Army chemical weapons research institutions, the Japanese chemical weapons research funding part of the statistical data, the Japanese army scientific research institute of the main agents and other information to be opened. More than 3000 spectators attended the scene and listened carefully to the commentary. I know the history of Japan’s war of aggression against China, more is stuck in the textbook. The display of information, sufficient evidence of the Japanese invaders in China on the land of evil acts. Through this exhibition, I was deeply shocked and indignant, but also brought back to the war memorial to the victims." This year, 25 year old Harbin resident Yang Qiu said she was very heavy mood at the moment. Northeast Martyrs Memorial Museum curator Liu Chunjie told News Agency reporters, this exhibition has exposed the Japanese in a secret war a lot of research and production of chemical weapons and historical facts, also exposed the Japanese War of aggression against China in defiance of international convention, large-scale, continuous use of chemical weapons, even with Chinese be brutal and inhuman civilians and prisoners of war do poison effect the crime. Until the end of the war, the chemical weapons left behind in China continue to endanger the lives and property of the Chinese people and the living environment. "I hope that through this exhibition can let more people understand the history, learn from history and facing the future, cherish peace." Liu Chunjie said. (end)相关的主题文章: