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Show Luo and his girlfriend sun bestie photo   users: ye are long – Hainan windows — Zhou Yangqing and bestie photo according to Taiwan media reports, Zhou Yangqing and Show Luo June 2015 love after being dropped out, since the end of his family was generous after being sent to study in the UK, which belongs to she admits that the most talked about shaping. Recently she publicly for her bestie patched birthday photos, sisterhood 3 people sitting together, there are many fans not recognize her, the reason lies in the good sisters 3 people really like it too long. Although Zhou Yangqing is over 28 years old birthday in early 12, but there is still quite a good sister for her birthday to mend. She said 29 am posting, happy to eat the day of the ninth year cake, thank friends even if the birthday has passed, but still very intimate with her birthday oh. Many fans once again offered blessings, and many people laughed and said, "eat more cakes, increase weight."!" In the photo of Zhou Yangqing bestie drying out, she was wearing a white fur coat, handsome, also crossed his hands to make funny expression. The 2 woman sitting beside bestie make loving gestures, obvious good feelings. However, some netizens laughed and laughed, "which one is you?" "I can’t tell you the difference", "grow all the same", "Why are they all the same?"" Another hot discussion on setting off the internet. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan) 罗志祥女友晒与闺蜜合影 网友:咋都长一样–人民网海南视窗–人民网   周扬青与闺蜜合影   据台湾媒体报道,周扬青和罗志祥2015年6月认爱后,陆续被起底家境优渥、中途辍学后被送到英国留学,当中就属她坦承整形一事最受关注。近日她公开闺蜜替她补过生日的照片,姐妹淘3人坐在一起,竟然有许多粉丝认不出她来,原因就出在好姐妹3人实在长太像啦。   周扬青虽然早在12日就过完28岁生日,但是身旁好姐妹仍相当有心地替她补过生日。她29日凌晨发文,开心透露这天吃到了今年的第9个蛋糕,感谢好友即使生日已过,但是仍十分贴心地与她补过生日。众多粉丝再度献上祝福,也有不少人笑说“多吃几个蛋糕增增肥吧!”   在周扬青晒出的闺蜜合照中,她身穿白色皮衣外套,帅气十足,还交叉双手做出搞怪表情。2位女闺蜜坐在身旁做出爱心手势,显见好感情。然而,却有部分网友笑着调侃“哪个是你?傻傻分不清楚”、“长得都一样”、“怎么都一模一样啊?”掀起网络的另类热议。 (责编:邢丹丹、陈海燕)相关的主题文章: