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Dating When you are attending a party intended for singles, it essential that you know of the hidden meanings behind certain gestures. Non-verbal communication plays an important role to how men and women convey their messages to each other. A major part of the messages they want to convey are done through subtle cues and body language. Women usually dont put into words the things they want to say to guys during singles events. Moreover, verbal cues are ambiguous and, thus, are not credible basis for your assumptions. On the other hand, body language is tactless and continuous, and most often does not correspond to the truth. You can probably tell if a girl is interested in you solely by seriously considering her non-verbal cues. You will certainly have an edge over the guys who are also present at the singles events if you learn how to read her signals and non-verbal cues accurately. Here are the four signs that you should always take note of when you are on a date: 1.)Eye contact – If she does not maintain eye contact or if she keeps looking everywhere at the venue of the singles events but never at you, then it is definitely not an encouraging sign. It may mean her disinterest either on you or on the topic being discussed. However, if she puts her gaze down every time you look at her and smiles, then it is a good sign. Her actions mean that she is shy but nevertheless welcomes you as her date. Moreover, if she frequently glances to the sides then you can already give yourself two thumbs up. This is a good sign as this gesture is said to be a seductive signal by women in showing interest to a particular object of desire. 2.)Crossed or opened legs – Crossed legs are always not a good sign. This gesture could mean that she is fickle-minded and does not welcome opposing opinions. This also means that she is off-limits for you. On the other hand, if her legs are open or relaxed, then it means that she is open-minded. She welcomes new ideas and sees it as an opportunity to put up an intellectual argument. 3.)Leans backward or forward – Notice the position of her upper body. If she is constantly leaning towards you, then it means that she is interested. But if she is leaning backward and maintains her distance then it may mean that you are unnecessarily too close for comfort and, at the moment, she is not into you. 4.)Subtle gestures – If you noticed her arms crossed all throughout the singles events, then you should understand than she is already annoyed. On the other hand, if she frequently tosses her hair to the side, then it means that she is ready to flirt with you. Further, if her hands, feet or shoulders are pointed towards your direction then it is definitely a positive gesture. These subtle cues signal interest in you and your current conversation. Always keep in mind that the body does not know how to lie. Every action, from small to overt gestures that women display at singles events, carries hidden meanings. Be attentive to your dates body language to end up making the best out of your every date. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: