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Sister Yang Yang got 4 strokes: steady accurate exposure these routines must deep [Abstract] the crew teach Xiao Nai’s "honey to kill 4 strokes, including the first move" to steady accurate, which means to grasp, to seize the opportunity to attack, second strokes "routine to deep", a third "despot to foot", and four strokes "better". Yang Yang (data plan) reported according to Taiwan "China times news, TV drama" smiled very little "adapted from the same name Gu diffuse love story, after the broadcast discussion of high degree, for several days in a row to occupy micro-blog hot search list top, the universal hero" Xiao Nai "no wonder girls become more character, official today released a version of the clip" God sister Liao ‘honey’ killing skills ", let the fans to relive the sweet fragments. "Smile" even after sowing, but the plot, leading and supporting characters are still under discussion on the heat, many viewers hope that the message crew can continue to open footage, conform to the requirements of users recently cast clips, a period of about 1 minutes and 40 seconds of video, "Professor Xiao Nai honey kill 4 strokes", including the first move "in the steady accurate, which means to catch the time for the attack to seize the opportunity, second strokes" routine to deep ", a third" despot to foot ", and four strokes" better ", every fragment brought back memories of fans watching the drama. Through this drama hit, let the success of 6 actors become the concern of users, including the actor who plays Yang Yang as "Xiao Nai" corner jumped to the leader of the man of God, and the hero with her roommate "beauty Zheng Yecheng brothers", "foolish old man" Niu Jun peak, "monkey wine" Cui hang, and is the chef hacker "KO" Zhang Binbin, and love actress in foreign language department wit "Cao light" Bai yu. Yang Yang was in the studio so called Zheng Shuang, just like you as if no one is really good相关的主题文章: