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Six little friends to see the prison sentence: a special mid autumn mother (Figure) – Beijing, September 14th, the 14th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the small Rui, Lili and other 6 children, one day ahead of schedule, had a special mid autumn festival. Obviously 7 years old this year, when his mother was in prison, he was at the age of 4, and now my mother is still a term of imprisonment of 7 years. September 14th, obviously a family of three lunch. My mother had not seen her for a long time. And the other kids from 6 different parents, the children have something special: their mother in prison. 14, they came to the women’s prison in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, visit his mother. Small peak this year 9 years old, his mother in prison, he was more than 3 years old. My mother’s term is 13 years, and now there are only about 7 years left. Small peak in the home reading grade three, good results, but a little bit of character". During lunch, my mother told him to play with other children. 6 children, but the big 10 years old, but a small child of the age of 4, when the mother left them because of the crime, the youngest one year old. Their mothers, some because of fraud, the remaining term of 35 years; some because of intentional homicide, facing life imprisonment. Between mother and child, blood is thicker than water, even if no children see but stay together morning and night, the first reaction is still to act in pettish, mother, mother hug, mom was fed. Small Rui 4 years old this year, his mother had been jailed for fraud for more than three years, there are still a term of imprisonment of nine years. After seeing her mother, the small Rui began to play, mother holding the dinner, he was small but sensible, active food with chopsticks which feed the mother to eat. In September 14th, Sichuan Province Women’s prison held mid family education activities, many relatives of prisoners to the prison, and prison staff to have lunch. The 6 children also led by the family, and mother lunch, a Happy Mid Autumn Festival ahead of schedule. The 10 year old Qianqian, her grandmother and mother came to the prison, and spend the mid autumn festival. Mother was sentenced to 15 years, has served more than 5 years, every few months, she will come to visit her mother. Sichuan Province Women’s prison prison long told reporters the new mid autumn festival held in the family education activities, on the one hand reflects the humane management of the prison, the prisoners and their families can spend the mid autumn festival. On the other hand, can also use family affection probation inmates, to promote its positive transformation, an early return to society. (Department of small and medium friends pseudonym) Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Li Zhi photo coverage相关的主题文章: