Sixtieth couple tour America with the electric cooker driving nearly 5000

Sixtieth couple tour America: with the electric cooker driving nearly 5000 miles of reference news network August 28th reported that the U.S. media said, in China, income increase of tourism market becomes extremely hot, and there is a China tourists do not perform well in overseas argument. Of the more than 100 million Chinese who travel abroad, most of them are not the same. Of course, there are privileges of the rich, but more tired of office workers and seize the opportunity to try new things, good intentions of the first overseas. United States, "Washington Post" website reported on August 17th, their American Adventure began very hasty. In June, 64 year old Chen Aiwu and her husband, aged 66, arrived in Losangeles at the end of the day in the middle of the night, and they were barely able to communicate with each other on. They are facing a typical holiday problem: rent a car sales promotion behavior. Chen Aiwu recalls, "I just keep saying that the only English word I’ll ever say is’ no’." Reported that more than 4 hours later, with the help of a passing Chinese, the Chinese couple began to retire for up to 19 days, a trip of 4850 miles of the u.s.. This section from coastal California to Las Vegas, Jose Miti and the Yellowstone National Park round trip, not only a test of their patience, and make them understand a once to make them feel infinitely distant nations and countries. They were deeply disappointed by the American infrastructure, curious about American families, and moved by the kindness they had met. When they return home, the official media not only introduced on their trip to the United States, also praised them online. "The Chinese daily news headline" is that the couple have proved that age is not a barrier to travel around the world." "A wonderful couple," said one user at sina, a Chinese social media site, micro-blog! I wish I could be like them when I’m old." Reported that the child will be raised adults, hard work and a certain amount of savings, the retired couple Chen Wang began their own discovery of the United States tour. To the delight of many, they did so. The trip is very difficult, because the China retired couple, like many China tourists like to basic necessities of life skills when traveling abroad. Reported that the car rental contract and street logo is just the beginning. The couple began to prepare a few months in advance, browse the travel guide for travel, booking tickets on the Internet, car rental, and online purchase of Chinese version of the u.s.. He also prepared in advance, "how much money", "where is the toilet" and other commonly used in the translation of English and Chinese control. "Although not say, but only to show these notes, basically will use." Wang Dongsheng said. They want to save money, but do not dare to eat unfamiliar foods, so online in advance to buy a car can be under the rice cooker, noodles, boiled and steamed Steamed Rice, it can. For safety reasons, they also brought some pickles from home. The water is bought from the supermarket or from some of the fast food restaurants they pass. Most of the time, it’s OK to eat, but it’s too hard to find a hotel. It’s so hard that they start sleeping in the car 8相关的主题文章: