Solve the refugee crisis listen to how to do and say the Chinese Premier

To solve the refugee crisis: listen to the prime minister China what to say and do – Beijing, Premier Li Keqiang, the first session of the General Assembly’s Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren photo China News Agency in New York on 19 September, (reporter Guo Jinchao) local time on September 19th at the UN General Assembly to solve the refugee problem large-scale flow of high-level meetings, the general assembly for the first time on the podium China Premier Li Keqiang with a little story full of temperature as the opening speech. "More than a month ago, the Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony, the first team debut in the world of refugees. The athletes told the international community with courage and perseverance, although leave the hometown, no fixed abode, still choose to fight for hopes and dreams, they deserve our respect." Li Keqiang said. United Nations General Assembly venue Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Tao and Hu was the day of the meeting was held since the founding of the United Nations, the first high-level meeting to deal with the issue of refugee immigrants. Li Keqiang said in his speech, refugees and immigration issues related to world peace and development, affecting regional stability. In the case of large-scale migration of refugees, the development will be disturbed, or even trigger a series of political, economic and social security issues. "Now the number of refugees in the world of immigrants, rapid growth, for dozens of years, which not only brings the impact on national development, peace and stability in the threat area, also dragged down the recovery area, the impact of the international order, to bring the opportunity of terrorism." Li Keqiang said, "the refugee problem for both regional and global, any country can not stay out, the international community must actively respond." Premier Li Keqiang’s speech to win the applause of the Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Tao and she further stressed that the issue of refugees and immigrants is a humanitarian crisis, torture the human conscience of the society of the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Republic of China and the world economy, the people’s Republic of China and the world economy. "We live in the same village, everyone’s life is precious, each person’s dignity should be maintained." He said, "many of the refugees suffering hunger and disease in the displaced in pain, even the missing or death, a serious impact on people’s psychology. Humanitarian spirit must be carried forward, moral bottom line can not break through, the international community to effectively help the refugees, so that they feel the warmth and care of the world, rekindle the hope of life." Li Keqiang called for the solution of refugee and immigration issues, the need to strengthen international cooperation in the framework of the United Nations to develop a comprehensive system of solutions. To solve the problem of refugees to consider the history and the reality of each country, assume their responsibilities." He further analysis, on the one hand, the refugee immigrants transit country, the country of destination must be based on their ability to play a role in an appropriate way. It is imperative to raise funds and materials to ensure the basic livelihood of the refugees. On the other hand, the source of conflict, poverty and backwardness is the main source of refugees. Prime Minister Li Keqiang and President Temel of Brazil to Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Tao photo "related parties to dialogue to resolve the dispute, negotiation to resolve differences, the international community is to promote peace talks, to maintain inclusive growth, promote social prosperity and stability." Li Keqiang said. Li Keqiang finally said that China as a permanent member of the United Nations has always attached great importance to and accumulate相关的主题文章: